Confido - a combined herbal preparation. Pharmacological action of the drug due to its constituent components. Vegetable ingredients confidential exhibit a synergistic effect. Orchis male contains glycosides, starch, mucilage, sugar, albumin, essential oils, phosphate, potassium chloride. It acts as an aphrodisiac and used for sexual disorders.
Asterakanta contains phytosterols, mucus, nitrogen. Essential oils contain myristic, palmitic, stearic fatty acids. Asterakanta dlinnolistaya - bitterness, which act as a diuretic, aphrodisiac.
Wild lettuce contains the alkaloid laktukarium, albumin, mannitol, manganese oxide, iron oxide, as well as starch, sugar, gum, and cellulose. Wild lettuce has a weak sedative, diuretic, expectorant effect.
Dolihos contain gum arabic, tannin, manganese, as well as alkaloids mukunin, mukunadin, prurienin, sitosterol, glutathione, lecithin, gallic acid. Dolihos burning - an effective tool for the prevention of oligospermia, increases sperm count, increased diuresis, stimulates ovulation. It arouses the central nervous system, an aphrodisiac.
Gold acts as a mosaic and a rejuvenating tonic, improves memory and appetite. It is used in treatment of spermatorrhea and sexual weakness.
Argireya branched used as an aphrodisiac, a diuretic, for the treatment of central nervous system dysfunction, tonic, and anabolic androgenic effect.


Ashwagandha - an exotic herb, has remarkable stress-relieving properties comparable to those of powerful drugs used to treat depression and anxiety. In addition to its excellent protective effects on the nervous system, ashwagandha may be a promising alternative treatment for a variety of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Ashwagandha has powerful antioxidant properties that seek and destroy the free radicals that have been implicated in aging and numerous disease states. Even more remarkable, emerging evidence suggests that ashwagandha has anti-cancer benefits as well.


Brafix is a drug made of natural herbal ingredients. It is used to stimulate body's natural growth hormones and hypothesis in women. The main action of the product is to enhance woman's breast growth and to impart them flexibility and palpable tightness. Use four pills per day (two in the morning and two in the evening).


Ayurslim contains an amazing combination of herbs that burn fat in the body and provide long effect in contrast to most other means to reduce weight. This product has no side effects. Meshashringi and Vrikshamla stimulate and improve the metabolism and reduces Guggulu-fat and toxins in their tissues.

It speeds up metabolism and thereby helps burn fat and lipids inside the body.
He prepyadstvuet synthesis of fatty acids in muscle and liver, and thus stops the lipogenezis.
It reduces the demand for sugar and neutralizes the sugar in the body.
It reduces halesterina and trigritserida - factors that affect the control of completeness.

AyurSlim Capsules regulate body weight in three ways:
reduce cravings for food, thus reducing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates;
lead to optimal use of nutrients;
inhibit the synthesis of fatty acids, which reduces the accumulation of fat in the body.
On average, regular consumption Capsules Ayurslim leads to weight loss of 9 kg over 6 months.


The bark contains tannins, bioflavonoids that have antioxidant effects, digitalis, calcium carbonate and traces of alkali chlorides. Careful studies have shown that the cortex contains an unusually large number of calcium salts, magnesium salts and a bit of aluminum, about 12% of pyrocatechol, strengthen blood vessel walls, organic acids, saponin triterpid responsible for the diuretic properties of the plant and phytosterols.

The bark is astringent, stimulating the heart and has a toning effect. It is used for bleeding, as well as diarrhea, dysentery and malabsorption syndrome, taking the form of a decoction (1 in 10) in an amount of 15-20 grams per day. It is useful in liver disease, and as an antidote for scorpion stings.


Ashwafera is a potent herbal product for stress relief. It is used as aphrodisiac, to relieve fatigue, nervous exhaustion, stress relief, and memory loss. It is able to promote tissue regeneration and slow the aging process. It is supposed to prevent sterility in men.
This is a 100% natural product able to relieve fatigue and stress, nervous exhaustion, help at memory loss, it is a mild sedative, helps to have a calm sleep. It is used in bodybuilding and by other sportsmen as it helps to have long?lasting energy without any stimulants.


Abana - a combined preparation containing extracts of a large number of plants.
Abana reduces the level of cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoproteins, low-density and high density lipoprotein levels recover, which has cardioprotective effects. Abana also reduces the accumulation of cholesterol plaques. Moreover, Abana reduces the sensitivity of the heart to adrenergic stimulation.
This drug improves the contractility of the heart and contributes to the manifestation of positive inotoropicheskogo action. Thus, the cardioprotective effect of Abana provides for developing atherosclerosis, cholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, mild to moderate hypertension, as an aid in developing angina with risk for a heart.
It does not cause bronchoconstriction and bradycardia.



   About herpes now knows most of the people. In the 20th century it from visible satellite diseases and fevers in severe illness and this reputation slowly moved in century XXI.
Naipace that the herpes lik, and in an age of seductive shifts it fully opened its second person — genital form. Genital herpes became one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and, alas, women mucatsa them twice.
"Our constant companion" herpes and genital form) claimed at least two millennia. Specifically that age the first mention of "septicaemia". For many centuries remained genital herpes is relatively rare disease, because the primary method of distribution . But infected genital herpes man almost loses opportunities news sex life because of soreness of affected mucous membranes. So was the natural insulation of a sick person who from the powerful.

   And the situation deteriorated in the past decade. For some reason. Massive temper the incidence of herpes in recent years depends on a subset of adverse factors. Bad Agroecology is a weakened immunity. Social events-decline in living standards — carelessness has been blamed on the individual. Tempting permissiveness is the peak of all STDS, including herpes.
(A) and herpes, not dremal all years. Found the new more terrible form and variation, adapted to medicines. The main problem of herpes is that now he is now most often masked under other diseases. It may come as urethritis or prostatitis in men or women of genitourinary system. And for years a person can be treated, not from what he suffers (the benefit of any snaraditsa treatment, really).
   In fact, it will list the symptoms that you have cheerleaders and become a pretext for a visit to the doctor. Thus, sexual Herpes found via 2-14 days after infection. All these symptoms may be accompanied by the rise of paleotemperatury and General ill health. Then formed bubbles filled with clean liquid, which soon cracked. In their place there will be little painful ulcers. 

   The incidence of genital herpes form varies and depends on the age and category. For example, the more susceptible in genital herpes that the black population of our planet — almost five times more. Phenomenally suffer them children. But in the 14-15 years, as well as before, almost seven per cent of teenagers had already "familiar" with genital herpes. (A) by 30-40 years, the number of media reaches 30 per cent.
Social level means not only the possibility of contamination and the possibility of treatment. All recognizable now products against Herpes (but this is not only ointments, and parenteral and oral inherently benefit that small doses do not become treatment need to rate any exacerbation of such exacerbations, but possibly up to 3 – 4 – thirty days For the course of treatment lasts 6 to 7 days, goes almost continuous reception of the products that are prohibited from taking a reduced number of medicines (saving money or spare body)-treatment is inadequate and, consequently, ineffective.
   But a long treatment of  products have a nasty surprise: they can "bring" the ovaries. Well but at times (in severe cases), to reduce the number of repetitions of almost ponedel?nyh to a few per year, viral products you need to take several years outsourcing large portions.
Home location also influences the disease genital herpes and other STDs. Having permanent sexual partner, a chance to grab a genital herpes are not so many. You only need to remember and genital herpes become mutually-penetrating form.

    Find Herpes in force anatomical evidently more complicated, but painful usually settled at other ladies and more. But there is no proper diagnosis. On this sick women Herpes than men.
Running genital herpes often leads to neplodia. Essentially yes it scary for pregnant and birthday parties. This is why all the more modern physician and a physician is not after and before the birth of the child. But, according to the world statistics, in the early stages of pregnancy, impairment of genital herpes in every fourth form precedent leads to abortion and late — already the wife of precedents. The benefit of so the child is born at the time of the impairment of genital herpes, it catches the virus still in hereditary means mother. And herpes birthday parties — the disease.
  So it is better to avoid genital herpes, but at the slightest assumption — specialist to diagnose and treat. Accurately, destroy his body entirely unrealistic. All the advances of modern medicine are addressed only to block him, spawn, in other words delete deterioration — the emergence of such treaties. Well, but the main thing is to strengthen immunity. He and saves you from infection, and left to fight the virus, taking his ability to "blossom" and spawn too often.

Bags under the eyes

   If you have chronic sleep and eating disorders, it is entirely likely. But they may not appear, in time to take concrete steps to this.
First, we need humanity every day doing cool compresses to the eye. Swabs are worth making tea or an eye for an cucumber circles.
  Apply to the eye cream, which feeds on Thein. This cream makes the skin elastic.
Do some eye massage on a daily basis not less than 5 minutes. For massage take the hands cream, spread it at one's fingertips, but gentle movements to massage the arrows that also massage the area around the eyes.
   For refreshment person must apply a light plate and white drop shadow to the eye. Nametite on endogenous corner eyes bright shade and under the edge, to otvarennogo and look, but then good, feather.
To mask black circles under the eyes of a good use of konsilerom. For the procedure is 2 tone brighter concealer on a yellow color. Concealer is gentle, movements on territory under the eyes.

Lose weight!

   Different scents help dry. To a draw in the pleasant during the day, spice. To eat something when the next meal, draw odors before and during food.
   The point is that by the end of the day the expedient of consciousness "falls asleep", "hard" only emotional. Here it is, and will force us to gorge, not even the pripahivaa of this report. Smells usmiraut appetite, because that Act specifically on emotional divisions of the brain, says sunhome.
Tehnara inhalation: hold one nostril and soorudite three deep breaths other then change the nostril and repeat the same thing. For "diet" reach-aromaticnogo. Keep-near.
While hand once again potanetsa for sandwich either chocolate batonom, let natknetsa the inhaler. At the first stage of "treatment" – up to 300 daily.

Quite often change smells – addictive reduces the effectiveness of the method. To better understand their habits in food, keep a diary. Eat warm food.

One third of the population is infected by hepatitis

   Today, approximately one third of the world's population is more than two billion people – are any form of hepatitis. Every year, the virus destroys the human thyroid, die, millions of people – the data from the World Health Organization

Many people have no idea that hepatitis b virus are different, they transmit to others, even not knowing about this. And at the same time, hepatitis can long years "to sleep" in the body, and then intensified, provoking the disease cancer, and, in the end.

Treatment of chronic disease broadly distributed worldwide, but something ordinary people with no special education, know very little about it.

   Who decided to rectify this omission, and in 2011 was the first time marked the day with hepatitis. It was agreed to start campaign to make people better to understand the invisible enemy, they have to play.

   Today there are five vidnostej hepatitis. (A) and (E). the most common form is hepatitis b – it is a subset of the methods or feeding. In contrast, hepatitis e is moving through the water, infected food, and more often seen in the countries of the third space.

Hepatitis b is the main cause of various diseases of prostate and lung cancer.

   Broadly disseminated  hepatitis type a and da are worth applying and hepatitis d. hepatitis E vaccine available but was not widely planted and this form is relatively rare.

Secret memory failures after consuming alcohol

   Until recently, MIGA scientists did not know, after drinking too much alcohol, the person may perform various things and then forget about it. According to statistics, similar failures in memory can last from several minutes to several years.

   Now yes neuroscientists from medical desatiletki State University have identified brain cells involved in the data memory failures, and the mechanism responsible for this. How to appear, a large number of alcohol does not kill brain reads. Fuel affects key receptors. It provokes release of corticosteroids, which inhibit LTP is the process of strengthening communication between neurons and important from the perspective of teaching and memory.
   This mechanism involves the NMDA receptors glutamatom, passing the signs between neurons, explains Jokitosi Izumi. Too strong or too reduced NMDA receptor initiative it is possible to create a toxic effect.
Alcohol also slows down the receptors, and then activates the others. As a result, neurons vykovyvaut corticosteroids to stall the LTP and memory. That it came out, a lot of alcohol.

Chronic sleep

   If you have chronic sleep and eating disorders, it is entirely likely. But they may not appear, in time to take concrete steps to this.
First, we need humanity every day doing cool compresses to the eye. Swabs are worth making tea or an eye for an cucumber circles.
  Apply to the eye cream, which feeds on Thein. This cream makes the skin elastic.
Do some eye massage on a daily basis not less than 5 minutes. For massage take the hands cream, spread it at one's fingertips, but gentle movements to massage the arrows that also massage the area around the eyes.
   For refreshment person must apply a light plate and white drop shadow to the eye. Nametite on endogenous corner eyes bright shade and under the edge, to otvarennogo and look, but then good, feather.
To mask black circles under the eyes of a good use of konsilerom. For the procedure is 2 tone brighter concealer on a yellow color. Concealer is gentle, movements on territory under the eyes.

Chronic rhinitis

   Today, approximately one third of the world's population is more than two billion people – are any form of hepatitis. Every year, the virus destroys the human thyroid, die, millions of people – the data from the World Health Organization

Many people have no idea that hepatitis b virus are different, they transmit to others, even not knowing about this. And at the same time, hepatitis can long years "to sleep" in the body, and then intensified, provoking the disease cancer, and, in the end.

Treatment of chronic disease broadly distributed worldwide, but something ordinary people with no special education, know very little about it.

   Who decided to rectify this omission, and in 2011 was the first time marked the day with hepatitis. It was agreed to start campaign to make people better to understand the invisible enemy, they have to play.

   Today there are five vidnostej hepatitis. (A) and (E). the most common form is hepatitis b – it is a subset of the methods or feeding. In contrast, hepatitis e is moving through the water, infected food, and more often seen in the countries of the third space.

Hepatitis b is the main cause of various diseases of prostate and lung cancer.

   Broadly disseminated  hepatitis type a and da are worth applying and hepatitis d. hepatitis E vaccine available but was not widely planted and this form is relatively rare.

The fish is the elixir of life

   Many believe that the best way to get rid of hangover syndrome is the sauna or steam bath. Of course these procedures was sweating all over the surface of the skin, then displays the number of  decomposition products of ethanol. However, high temperature and humidity create stress on the heart, which is in this period.

   From a strong coffee with a hangover may become worse. Coffee by nature is a weak diuretic, this reinforces the dehydrated after taking alcohol.  Short invigorating coffee effect is useful for shallow hangover.

   Opinion of people who consume alcohol that the wedge must knock wedge. But malop?usij people usually aversion to all liquors. Abstaining from alcohol is already regularly pohmel?no-withdrawal syndrome, which is the primary symptom of alcoholism. Such, indeed, to feel better, a new dose of alcohol.

The optimal method to remove the phenomenon of hangover is to drink packaging activated carbon, and fifteen minutes, drink a glass of fresh brine . You can just eat salted cucumber.

Treatment of gastric ulcers

   The disease is usually chronic, which violates the integrity of the internal walls of the stomach and produce lesions defects.

Reason: heredity, gross violations, abuse and salty food, alcohol, smoking, stress.

Several recipes from stomach ulcer:
-to reduce acidity 2 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal to drink 0.5 cup boiled potato juice
-no restrictions you can drink goat's milk
-helps broth from blooms of Calendula, Chamomile,  kiprea and repeska: take 2 article l. This collection, fill two glasses of boiled water, insist, strain and drink 3 times per day after meals
-even when running for, if 3 times a day

-chop the green pine cones, pour vodka 1: 3, insist 7 days and drink for 1 l. 3 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal
-useful to drink juices: beets, carrots, red cabbage, Aloe, adding to them more honey and Cahors
-gastric bleeding for 1 dessert oak, and salad fill 2 glasses of boiled water, insist and drink per day

The first proven case of cure against HIV infection in the United States

   A resident of the city of San Francsiko (California), Timothy Brown, was the first HIV-positive patient, disinfected by doctors.

   Diagnosis of HIV infection was diagnosed Brown 1996, when he was about 30 years. A year later to HIV was leukemia. In 2007, in Berlin Brown, underwent bone marrow transplantation from a donor. A year later neodnakratnye analyses showed the lack of it in the body as signs of leukemia, or HIV infection. According to Dr. Jay levy (University of California, United States, Brown can be considered completely healthy person.

   Donor bone marrow stem cells became a man, apparently with immunity against HIV infection. This phenomenon is only 1 per cent of the people of the white race. So far it is only the unique fact.

Recipes for liver

   I want to offer a recipe that is very useful for the liver and is struggling with parasites. Prepare a syrup made from wormwood. Bunch of fresh bitter wormwood (100 g) fill a litre of cold water and bring to a boil and boil for 30 minutes at low heat in the closed ware. Strain, add 0.5 kg of sugar or honey. Boil syrup. The cooled syrup to store in a cool place. Take 1 teaspoonful 3-4 times a day before a meal.I think that this syrup can be prepared from dry wormwood, bought in pharmacy.

   And yet the recipe, but to clean the liver: 1 kg of crude pumpkin, 2 large lemon (I took 400 g) skinned, but pitted, 1 glass of cranberry, through the meat grinder. Add 1 kg sugar. All mix well and put in the Bank. Keep in the refrigerator. Take 2 St. spoons for 15 minutes before a meal. Actually, I think it's a tasty mix will help not only to the liver, the whole organism with vitamins in the spring. And yet I make fruit salad and add this mixture instead of refuelling. Very tasty!

Treatment of pyelonephritis

  Hawthorn (fruit)-2 St. convallaria majalis-spoons, 2 St. spoons, gnaphalium palustris — 2 St. spoons, humulus lupulus-1 St. Spoon, peppermint-1 St. Spoon, valerian (root)-2 St. spoon. 3 art. Spoon collection add 800 ml of boiled water, boil30-60 seconds per hour, we insist. Take the 60 ml infusion 4 times a day. You can also use the second and third infusions, Bay left after straining herbs boiling for 7 hours. Take these infusions too on 60 ml 4 times a day. Probably more convenient to cook from the collection of infusion: 3 St. Spoon collection add 500 ml of vodka, insist in a dark place within 2-3 weeks, shaking, we periodically. Take 25 drops 3 times per day.

  Tilia cordata-2 St. Spoon, watch bean — 3 tablespoons, Dewberry (sheet), article 4. spoons, thyme creepy — 3 tablespoons, Rosemary officinalis-3 t. spoons, rue-1 St. spoon. 3 art. Spoon collection add 1 l of boiled water, boil 30-60 seconds, insist within an hour, we. Take the 60 ml 7 times a day. Can also use the second and third infusions of the same portion of the collection. You can use the infusion: 6 st. to insist on the collection of 700 ml of vodka within 2-3 weeks; take 25 drops of tincture 3 times a day.


   Aurveda is a traditional system of Indian Vedic medicine. This system of medicine was formed by the merger of the cultures of Aries and dravids. In fact this is folk medicine, only to the peoples of India and the Himalayas. The name "Ayurveda" is translated as "knowledge of life" or "knowledge of a long life." Properties of medicinal plants and medicine drevneindijskih treatises are mentioned in the Vedas (16th century BC), considered one of the most ancient. Already in the times described the role of helminths in disease. This section of the traditional medicine has had an important impact on medicine in Europe. In ancient times the sea and land trade routes medicinal plants from India traveled to Siberia, the Black Sea basin and the Mediterranean countries. treatment in Ayurveda is based on the balancing of the ratio of liquids (substances). That was achieved by diet, drug therapy (vomited, laxatives, potogonnye, etc.), and surgical treatments. What is the ancient Indians have reached a high of perfection. For the treatment of several kinds of medicines: animal, vegetable, minerals (precious and semi-precious stones) and metals, including poisonous. Ayurvedic medicines have a broad spectrum: Soothing, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial, glistogonnym. Large role in treatment is diet. In Ayurvedic treatises to describe in detail the properties of food products, in addition to course of treatment prescribed by doctors and diet.  Always take into account the taste of food properties, their only six: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent, and their diverse mix.-sweet (Madhura), Sweet products are fed, cool, humidify, lubricate, and increase the weight of the acid (tea offer) is a warm Acidic products, lubricating, and increase the weight-Salty (Lavan) is Salted warm products, stimulate, soften, lubricate, and increase the weight-Bitter (Katu) — Bitter products, cool, dry, clean and reduce weight-Sharp (Tikta) is a Sharp productswarm, dry, stimulate, and reduced weight-Astringent (Kasaya) is Astringent products, cool, dry, reduce nepodviznost?Amerikanskaa official medicine denied the existence of the effect of treatment with Ayurvedic.  Sexual weakness in older men-Habana (Abana)-plant kardioprotektor.-Brizol-Ayurvedic remedy for asthma and allergy-Bael?-treatment of gastric ulcers and kisecnikaEto only is not a complete list of products. As you can see – traditional medicine successfully used achievements of ancient medicine.

How to improve immunity without drugs

How to improve immunity without drugs?

   All we once heard about drugs that raise the immunity of yogurt with the same properties, such as juices and other products. Talking about it on television, in advertising on the Internet, we recommend to doctors. It would seem that easier, take on tablet per day or per week during the influenza epidemic, and immunity. And as it is a shame, when spending a considerable amount of money on immunomodulators, we, at the first meeting with the disease. Idle work force, we spend a day on antibiotics or antiviral.
Now, every year, the virus becomes more aggressive, illness is heavier, gives a lot of complications. So why don't operate expensive medication to induce immunity? There can be several reasons. Maybe the drug purchase of counterfeit products: no one is immune. Can manufacturers Boggle, giving us the statistics of miraculous influence of the drug.

   Has long been clear, for example, that the vitamins from the pharmacy is worse than the same vitamins from fruits, berries or meat.
Immunity also. There are many natural ways to raise immune system effectively. To do this, just need to understand that such immunity and how best to help him.
Immunity – this is a natural internal protection of our organism from various alien Tel: viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins.

   Nature is planned that certain mechanisms in our body must record the appearance of the harmful and attack them, destroy. Immunity also struggles with cancer cells that appear frequently in our body. He simply kills.
The organs of the immune system include lymph nodes, tonsils, marrow, selezenku, intestines, certain blood cells.
Unfortunately, it often so happens that the mechanisms of immunity declines fail to find during the alien agents and neutralize them.
From which the immunity is weakened?

   The modern rhythm of life risk exists everywhere. This stress and unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol), bad ecology, hypothermia, severe stress, eating disorders, are not regenerating spent the day energy and vitamins. As well as antibiotics.
Weakened defenses and after any disease, including chronic.

What to do?
Let's start with the obvious. It should be possible to reduce consumption of harmful substances: excess drugs, nicotine, alcohol, artificial food dyes and other additives.

   A workout, even a 5-minute charging each morning during the month will give a positive effect. More go, there is the possibility to take over the city, a breath of fresh air.
And, of course, eat properly. This decision by almost all the problems. The body simply needed nutrients: proteins, vitamins, amino acids, mineral substances and fats. Total fat – this is your first step to disease. For the normal work of the organs of enough and 10-15 grams per day.
Be sure to eat protein: it is necessary for the production of immunoglobulin organism – important
elements of immunity. The protein contains all essential amino acids for us. This is not only vegetable protein (cabbage, broccoli, beans) and animal (meat, milk).

   Drink a day for at least 1 glass of kefir, fermented baked milk, yoghurt soup or yoghurt (natural). Dyes and preservatives are useful for immune cells. The use of fermented milk products will help you to create useful microflora, which would enhance immunity.
Eat products containing phytoncides: onions, garlic, horseradish, black currants, blueberries, tomato. Phytoncides (or vegetable antibiotics) kill microbes, fungi, bacteria, stimulate the immune system.
Eat more foods containing vitamin c. recently went to fashion during sickness to drink in large doses of vitamin c. doctors claim that this is not worth it, because with no cures from the flu. This is so. But vitamin c strengthens immunity: increases development of antibodies and interferon, protects blood vessels during sickness. So he indirectly helps with disease. It is found in citrus fruit, kiwifruit, bananas, pickled cabbage, ukrope, petruske, broth rose ...
Do not avoid attention vitamin a. one of its functions is to improve the work cell-phagocytes. Enough to eat during the week of the liver, in which vitamin a lot.

   In addition you in support of camomile tea. It has long been used in the pereohlazdeniah, with the disease. It is a powerful  immunomodulatorom. Drink it in the cold periods and during colds.
The last thing I want to suggest is hardening. Experienced people have much less frequently and disease runs from them easily. Locate the program quenching suitable for you, talk with your doctor. Start with reduced temperature.


Sunflower oil

   Convinced of the beneficial sunflower oil no need, you can cook at home, moreover, ways to mass. I like the two of them, which I take.
The first method: pour the oil cake seed of sea-buckthorn berries (raw materials previously dry in a light spot, grind-skip through the meat grinder) so that the oil covers the raw materials. Be kept at room temperature, stirring, for three weeks; then, butter scedit?, pour him a new batch of raw material, repeat this procedure for 3-4 times.
   The second way: raw pour sunflower oil, heated up to 600, 1: 10. Blend keep on a water bath for 30 minutes, filter. This same portion butter cumulatively have 3-4 servings of raw materials.
Time-consuming? But not in vain, that increased oil promotes healing of long not healing wounds, an inflammation of the mucous tissues, flegmone, abscesse.

Convallaria majalis (Convallaria majalis l.)

   Featuring wood, heat, damp Spring being embraced. And the threads of the Pearl from the wind each tremble. Round buds still closed and acorns are tight, but the Sun unveils cartoons from the bells of spring.
Nature spelenutyj, carefully wrapped in a leaf, a flower in the wilderness is pristine, cool, fragile and dusist. Spring forest ranneu, shackled and all happy melancholy, and all of their he gave bitter fragrance flower.
S.ya Marshak Landysh
   Lily of the Valley is not only beautiful – it is a popular folk instrument from various heart diseases, neuroses, hysteria, headache, insomnia, hemorrhoid or other bleeding, pain in the heart and stomach. Drugs were widely known as the lily-of-heart, soothing, jelchegonne, spazmoliticeskie, and in the official medicine.
   Leaves, grass and flowers of lily-contain heart glycosides konvallotoksin, konvallozid, konvallotoksol, konvallarin, irritating saponin kidneys and intestines, maalin, slabitel?no, an alkaloid, asparagine and citric acid, Malic. Plant is poisonous.
Infusion of fresh flowers do better: take a glass container with a narrow neck, lily-flowers to pour three quarters and fill up medical alcohol (90%). Close lid and insist within 2 weeks. take 10-15 drops 3 times per day with heart diseases with distinct neurological phenomena Insomniac. Brandy also has diuretic, sedative and anti-inflammatory effects.
   From Lily-herb broth in Siberia do bath with rheumatism.
Tincture of 15 g colors in 200 ml of boiled water washed the eyes.
Everyone from lily-flowers and roots of Valeriana in treating paralysis: 2 tablespoons lily-flowers and 1 tablespoon of roots of Valeriana insist 15-20 days in 0.5 kagora, take 15 ml of 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal.
Lily-supplementation contraindicated in severe organic changes of heart and vessels, acute miokardite and sharply expressed kardioskleroze.

Oil of Calendula

   Say, when there was no chestnuts, Cupid often come within the purpose, and to help for Arman to consider, the goddess Venus scattered human on Earth beautiful shiny seeds. Of them have grown big trees. Since then, every spring, when it's time to love, revealed large leaves-paws and keep "fingers" brightest flashlights to arrows of Cupid, flew into the goal. Apparently, this spring the elderly Cupid is "village" vision – so many "svececek" lit trees!
   Well, it is necessary to enjoy the gifts of nature! Horse chestnut, in General, is its gift-it medical best: bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, green shell with spikes,  but this is a separate conversation. We need to collect flowers, in pharmacies to buy them is difficult.
   The flowers are separated from foiled cauliflowers use both fresh and dried. Drying should be the first day in the Sun, and then – in the shade or in a well-ventilated area. You can use the juice from fresh flowers, Cook, collect pollen. The question is, why do we all need it? The flowers are rich chestnut horse flavonoidami, tanning and pektinovymi substances.
Horse chestnut flowers tincture has anti-inflammatory and pain-killers.
1. 40.0 g of dried flowers chestnut 1.0 l 40% alcohol – used for rubbing into joints and rheumatic
2. 20% tincture raw flowers on 40% alcohol – 5 ml 3 times per day with tromfoblebite (plus outwardly) and hemorrhoids.
3. flowers, canned Juice 40% prior to 1: 1 or 1: 2-?-1 tea spoon 3 times a day 1 week with tromboze vessels of the eye.
4. Juice flowers 25-30 drops per 1 tablespoon of water to 2 times a day when varicose veins on the legs and swelling of cones.

Oil of Laurel noble

   Everyone knows that, along with many healing properties, St. John's Wort has astringent and Haemostatic, anti-inflammatory, soothing, antiseptic,-healing effect. The official medicine oil of this plant has long been used as a means to outwardly Burns (leaves no grosser scarring) and skin diseases, fresh and infected wounds, ulcers, boils, purulent skin inflammatory processes.
   Way of preparation: fresh flowers placed in a glass jar, pour sunflower oil (magazinnym refined), put in a warm place for two weeks (on a sunny windowsill), occasionally shaking. After two weeks-strain. The oil should be stored in a cool place in a dark glass ware.

What you need to know about uterine miome

   As a result of several studies conducted by scientists from the United States was discovered the relationship between smoking and blood sugar level. Turned out that nicotine is the main culprit and otvetstvennoym for the increased level of blood sugar. By the same people already suffering from diabetes, smoking increased the risk of severe complications. Scientists believe that this discovery also said about the negative consequences for people with diabetes, using nicotine-substitution therapy for a long period in an attempt to quit smoking-it's a very important study. This is the first study that has found a strong link between nicotine and complications of diabetes. If you're a smoker, and have diabetes, you should be zainteresovanymi and do everything possible to quit smoking, "said head of research, Dr. Xiao Quan Liu. want to once again recall the content of hemoglobin in blood glikozilirovannogo HbA1s in norm: 4-7.6% of the total hemoglobin. Doctors, however, has long been known that smoking increases the risk of developing complications of diabetes. Studies also show that smokers with diabetes have a higher level of HbA1c than non-diabetics. However, until now nobody knew that the substance in tobacco smoke is responsible for raising the level of HbA1c. Liu and his colleagues suspected that this might be the nicotine and tested the effects of nicotine on HbA1c. Using human blood samples, they proved that the nicotine concentration similar to that found in blood of smokers actually increases the level of HbA1c.

Blood test predicts the risk of metastasis in patients with melanoma

   In its new research scientists from Yale University installed a large probability that blood can be used to predict the risk of the development and spread of cancer or metastases in people suffering from skin cancer, scientists have analyzed. blood by 216 people including 108 patients with metastatic melanoma and 108 patients with stage 1 or 2. Consequently, it was found that the biomarkers were higher in patients with metastatic melanoma patients with the disease at an early stage. In fact, 76% of patients with early stage disease should not be any better biomarkers has been increased, while the 83% of patients with metastasis, at least one of the handles. The ability to use blood tests to predict the likelihood of metastasis in patients with melanoma will be more cost-effective than current methods of monitoring, which includes a number of procedures of visualization, medical examinations and researchers report Dr. Iman Osman, Director of the interdisciplinary melanoma program at New York University, blood tests, believes that the idea of a blood test to detect metastatic melanomaas "an important and clinically significant."-"data are interesting, but there are some domandeche has not yet responded," said Dr. Osman. -"How often these analyses need to repeat what are reliable?"According to the Association in the United States, 68130 people were diagnosed with melanoma in 2010 and 8700 died of illness. Most deaths from melanoma are the result of metastasis. The risk of metastasis varies from less than 10% for patients with melanoma in Phase 1A up to 70% with stage 3 c.

Why not give aspirin to children?

   You've probably already heard that doctors do not give aspirin to children because it can cause a syndrome of Reyes. However, there are still many people who not only neznaut Reyes syndrome, but also harm imagine such as aspirin and what to do with it. Reyes syndrome and is quite rare in itself is not contagious. Reyes syndrome usually occurs when the virus disease of children give medications containing acetylsalicyclic acid.  Although you can take the syndrome Reyes at any time of year, usually in January, February and March-when people are fighting against the flu, colds and varicella. Reyes syndrome affects mostly children aged 4 to 12 years and very few adults or infants researchers identified a link between Reyes syndrome aspirin. Modern medicine recommends that parents give children under 12 years of aspirin or other medicines that contain aspirin. In this case, you should replace the aspirin, ibuprofen, or other paracetamolom and zaroponizausimi drugs. Storage of aspirin in the reach of children and other medicines will help to avoid the big trouble with the first of Reyes syndrome usually vomit, which starts from three to seven days after the onset of child viral diseases such as chickenpox or influenza. Vomiting usually increases during the next 8-12 hours. The child may appear weak and very sleepy. Signs that your child needs immediate medical attention in the second phase, children can be aggressive and whimsical. Dezorentacia you can, for example, children may not understand where they are. Quite possible convulsions or even coma. If your child has any of these signs, call an ambulance immediately. When Reyes syndrome, a fat starts to accumulate in the liver (and elsewhere) and is excessive pressure on the brain. As Reyes syndrome might be taken wrongly, similar to the symptoms of the disease, can lose valuable time for treatment. If Reyes syndrome is early, the child is much more likely to get well. If the disease is not defined and progresses, urgent treatment, even if the probability of death is very high. Rapid diagnosis and treatment are key to the next recovery of your child. But mostly, all of the above can be avoided, unless you give aspirin to children.

Seizures in children

   Epileptic fit in a child's inadvertent reduction in muscle, sometimes accompanied by temporary loss of consciousness, dezorentaciej. Convulsions usually do not endanger the child. In children most often associated with seizures, high temperatures, especially in the age of three years, more rarely, to six and later. Usually ends within five minutes and is without prejudice to the further development of the child. The causes of Neonatal seizures, sometimes, can be heavy for infectious diseases, epilepsy, intoxication.
Normal, sudoroznomu pripadku symptoms: blue face and lips, uncontrolled podergivania body or its momentary freezing in situation naprazennom, loss of control and difekacii of urination, nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation, palpitations, headache, neck stiffness, loss of consciousness.
   What should I consider when sudoroznom form the child: how a child behaves before and after the seizures, how long does it last convulsions, had a cramp in his captured one side of the body, or both, if the temperature of the body. This information will help the doctor when the correct diagnosis.
In a fit of sudoroznom remove the surrounding objects, where a kid can ball during fit gently holding him loosen clothing. Make sure the airway. If there is no breathing, do isskustvennoe breath. Rotate the baby's head on the side that would hit the mass vomitata of Airways. Do not put in the mouth of the fingers of a child, not vlivajte anything, including medicines. Clean the body with a damp cloth, but do not carry over to the bathroom. Remember, in the case of a convulsive seizures, convulsions, the child must apply to the doctor!

Violations of children's teeth

  Violations of children's teeth are abnormal in their number, shape, size and position. Abnormal number of teeth are in partial or complete absence of teeth. If there is a certain group of teeth (for example, side cutters), and the situation of other teeth. There are spaces between teeth and dental anomalies is a bite. They reshape all or part of the tooth (teeth), children can be seen when the teeth (usually click the incisors) teeth size anomalies. as you can see around the tooth or any part thereof (crowns). The Crown can be disproportionately large or small. Dental anomalies usually occurs at an early age (in prikuse dairy). Most often, the situation can be found outside of the tooth (tooth is inclined in the direction of the tongue or cheeks). Pathology of the teeth. The most frequent cause of pathology prorezyvania permanent teeth are the teeth of milk. Inflammatory process in periodonte milk teeth could jump from an embryo of a permanent tooth that could lead to his death and the lack of permanent teeth. With bad teeth hurt the baby sleeps, kapriznicaet, refusing food, affecting global development. Monitor the health of the child and in time vylecivaa milk teeth, you can prevent the development of pathology and prorezyvania of permanent teeth. According to statistics, only 58% of children in one form or another are exposed to various abnormalities of the teeth. To align the teeth usually use brackets, they are worn with 12 years of age and sometimes change, and soon. During this period children already are completely pomenatsa milk teeth should always remember and teach their children that hygiene and dental prophylaxis, two fundamental conditions, preventing the most serious diseases of the oral cavity, such as dental caries and parodontit.


"Only silence opens our ear"

"Only silence opens our ear"
All our daily tasks necessarily require the use of organ of hearing even if we take for granted. The hearing is the only way that lets us know what's happening in our environment and this ability provides important advantages for survival for all animal species.
The structure of human society requires the use of oral language that relies on sophisticated and rapid analysis of sounds that compose, guaranteed by the structures of the ear and in particular ofinner ear, its electrical control unit.
Particular conditions of humidity, temperature, bathing in the pool or the sea and, last but not least, a poor hygiene of the auditory meatus, are perfect occasions to the onset of a ear infection due to, for example, a Earwaxaccumulation, which facilitates the stagnation of water and bacteria in the ear canal.
The presence of moisture, can be the ideal place for the fungi proliferation and can predispose the delicate organ an infection. In this situation it is important to a proper hygiene.Even traumas, due for example to insert foreign objects into the ear, as improper cleaning, carried out with cotton buds, may irritate the skin and cause inflammation of the ear, causing an otitis externa.
  The ear, is mostly unknown, however is a specific and important organ for two distinct functions:balance and the hearing.
There are three constituent parts: l' outer ear from constituted ear and external ear canal, has the task of collecting the waves; what medium, formed by tympanic cash that contains the hammer, anvil, and stirrup, is Deputy to receive and transmit vibration the produced by sound waves to the inner ear, which in turn transmits the stimuli to the brain resulting from vibrations and presides over the sense of balance.
It's the skin of the outer ear to be crossed by excretory ducts glands which secrete Earwax, on a yellow substance, bunastra acid, which plays an important protective action, antibacterial and antifungal, but that when it accumulates, leads to the risk of formation of annoying and often very painful caps.
Certainly we must clean the ear canal, but without the use of chopsticks, because they can damage the eardrum, irritate the meatus and push ear wax inside, thus increasing the risk of forming a plug.
Hygienea correctof the external ear instead relies on the use of periodicals and washes with specific solutions on particular attention to soften the Earwax softeners with instilling drops the head bent opposite ear.
A recommendation to keep in mind is to avoid, or rather, do not use, foam protective caps: stagnating air and moisture can irritate the external ear canal, facilitate attack of germs and the formation of earwax plugs that we're just trying to avoid. Even the bones and tissues skull of contribute to the transmission of sounds. Thesound wave of one's voice heard by others is transmitted from the air and received by the timpani, while the subject itself that speaks, is transmitted by the structures of the skull. The sound waves propagate at a speed of about 130 meters per second, while on the water speed is close to 1400 feet per second, this has no impact on the sound quality anyway.

Berries, real allies of our health

  Blueberries and berries, good and healthy. Are rich in substances such as anthocyanins polyphenols and, for which studies have shown positive activity in various districts of our organism, bone, heart, to the improvement of cognitive property.
It can happen though that many studies aimed at assessing the benefits certain substances contained in food, are done on animals, or humans using extracted but of the fruit, for example, rather than the fruit itself.
Is doubt so that sometimes the Western crusades beneficial properties are not a food so real, at least considering the amount on average that a grown man takes the food concerned. To dispel any doubts in the case of berries down in field Daniele Del Rio, Professor of food and human nutrition at the University of Parma.
  He explains that: "the berries contain so many different and polyphenols. Not only flavonoids, phenolic acids, but also smaller and as such probably easier to absorb for our organism. The most recent studies show that, once ingested polyphenols, such as with a serving of blueberries, undergo many changes within the digestive tract and other still suffer after being absorbed ".
  Del Rio, coauthor of research, published in the British Journal of Nutrition that has reviewed the topic, makes clear difference also on between wild berries and greenhouse. The first contain less water so the polyphenols are concentrated more, those of serra, in turn, more diluted.
Del Rio also States that research in the matter has yet to understand how our edited digestive chemical molecules contained in these fruits. However it is clear that these foods are cure-all a true for our health, thanks to an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, protection on the heart.

Cancer, women are more at risk

According to a group of researchers at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom it seems that women may be very high to risk of cancer.
Experts have come to this conclusion after reviewing more than 1 million medical records and, in particular, it seems that for every 4 inches tall in more risk increases by 16%. Women high around a 1 meter and 80 are 33% chance of getting breast cancer, blood and kidneys, uterus and ovaries.
Researchers think that the cause of hormonal origin can be seen that the body starts to produce large amounts of estrogen and this is a matter of probability as more women are high and most cells in your body. Every year cancer rates increased by 3% and height increase could explain up to 15% of these cases.
Dr. Jane Green's Cancer Epidemiology Unit of the University of Oxford, explained: "the connection between height and cancer risk seems to be common to different types of cancer and height has been linked to a lower risk of developing other diseases, like heart disease."

Celiac disease: saliva test for Lister

The celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gliadin. Gliadin is alcohol-soluble component of gluten, a collection of protein in wheat, rye\barley, spelt, kamut in, while oats appears to be tolerated in small quantities by most patients.                                                                                                                                           
   All foods derived from gluten-containing cereals or above, therefore, should be considered toxic for patients suffering from this disease.
It is a kind of disease that heals: the subject celiac, will remain so throughout his life, the only cure is to adopt a strict gluten-free diet.
   Unfortunately many people are not aware of having this disease, and this, especially in children, can cause damagegrowth, especially in the period of development.
For this reason, the ricercarori of the University The Wisdom of Rome, led by Dr. responsible Margaret Bonamico the Center for Celiac, decided to refer children to a test to verify who was suffering from the disease or not.
   The test involved about 7,000 school-age children, which was taken from a saliva sample. Once analyzed the samples, for verifying the presence of antibodies to the disease, the minor positive results have been subjected to an endoscopy and were subjected to a gluten-free diet.
Later, then the children in question were followed for about three years to see if this diet had contributed to their development problems. The result has been a steady improvement in their growth, without complications and with a good degree of adherence to the diet.
In short, it is a very simple test that has been well accepted by children from their parents, so this could be a valid instrument to detect cases not diagnosed.

Jellyfish sting: urine is not effective, better water and vinegar

   Especially in recent times our beaches are jellyfish invaded by, so it is easy to be points.
For years now, it is known that if you do not have the right medicines against the stings of jellyfish you can safely to urine riccorere, considered a good natural remedy and handy as possible obviously. Certainly in these cases the embarrassment should be put aside, because what counts primarily is to soothe the pain caused by the poison that the medusa releases.
   A study by British Red Cross, the British Red Cross, however, has denied this saying that urine, in these cases, it doesn't solve a damn thing.
  Conversely, however, as reported by the "Daily Telegraph", the best solutions, if you do not have at that moment special medicines, are the seawatervinegar.
So, when a person gets stung by a jellyfish, must first get out of the water to avoid getting bit again. Once outside, you should pour slowly the seawater on puncture to relieve pain, then you have to do the same thing with vinegar, which can be even more effective as the acid helps to neutralise the sting of medusa.

Schizophrenia, positive results from an antitumor drug

   The schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder whose etiology is still not known, experts believe there is together a of environmental and genetic factors that contribute to the development of this disease.
Increasingly 's start to understand the mechanisms and find more specific and effective treatments, and obtained a positive result appears for now on laboratory rats, administering an anticancer drug called MS-275, within the framework of a study conducted by King's College London.
In patients with schizophrenia there is a deficit p35 enzyme, as explained by Peter Giese Research Coordinator. The exact function of this enzyme underliesactivation of protein Cdk5 important for brain development. Therefore a sufficient amount of p35 not does not allow that this chain is properly and, therefore brain , does not develop as it should.
   It seems that the molecule MS-275 in mice has improved the signs of schizophrenia because acts same along the via biochemical enzyme p35. According to Peter Giese results i obtained from the study, published in the journal Brain: "Encourages the exploration future of these types of drugs in the treatment of cognitive disorders in schizophrenia".

Stay young, here's how to do it with cherries

   Every day we discover more and more like feeding is important for our lives, for our blood pressure, our heart and also for our skin.
An important novelty comes on Cellular Aging that we can curb with a nice feast of cherries. Apparently this delicious fruit of season as well as positively affect on our heart and our bloodstream can also fight other things. One of these is the ability to purify the body by eating cherries 25 per day and drinking lots of water and regulates bowel, but these are also anti stress and effects of the sense of hunger.
Their skin is also very useful as it helps prevent disorders due to uric acid diuresis and help are also laxative. Finally, cherries may help also to remain healthy in autumn saw that contain lots of vitamin C, minerals, calsio and phosphorus.
    Be careful though because as always there is a downside, and if anyone of you is to know that diet is not "healthy" overdo the cherries primarily you should weigh them together and bring them to the table as well as a led to another …

The stages of life: to live fully or give in to them?

   Life is characterized by several stages, each of which is wonderful if read and enjoyed in its salient features.
Often, instead, the man tends to lose its mind having the look or always turned to the past or excessively oriented towards the future: it is as if we were always looking for something that can't be found! Probably because seek the wrong thing: passed or to come!
In this way, we miss the life!
   Each individual must instead be immersed in this: is the thing that does best on infant and perhaps it is for this reason that this little guy scares the adult, so accustomed to getting escape the moment!
And so young adults find themselves overly projected into a future work or family often too distant and far, or perhaps retired women and men anchored to a past too sure but most often outdated and useless!
In these circumstances it is useful and recommended that every person will stand, face a self-reflection and rebuilds his life: that is a present from the child or one from senior is still a gift to be lived with enthusiasm and momentum, with projects and fun, with critical and commitment!

Cocaine: a receptor in the brain shuts down the dependency

   The brain is a great machine that governs our body, we know well, and as such there are present some sort of "switches".
In this regard, a study conducted by researchers National Institute on Drug Abuse, led by Zheng-Xiong Xi online and published in the journal "Nature", showed that you can turn on a "switch" to curb cocaine cravings.
In our brain are two receptors present who play a key role in meccainismi of cocaine dependence: CB1 and CB2.
   With appropriate medications you can activate the CB1cannabinoid receptor, which stimulates the cerebral mechanism tied to a sense of pleasure and reward. In the case of drugs, then, this favors the fallout after a prolonged abstinence.
The opposite effect, stimulating instead, you get another cannabinoid receptor in the brain CB2, whose role was as yet unclear. Stimulating CB2 receptor in the brain, in fact, reduce the effects and the desire to cocaine, which alter their behavior by stopping try obsessively the substance.
Therefore, researchers have identified two classes of molecules capable of turning, and then selectively enable, only CB2receptors, so that parties can greatly reduce their desire for drugs.
The study in question, which represents a real breakthrough in this area, has only been tested on mice and the results were as expected.
The studies will surely ahead, but the researchers wanted to emphasize how CB2 switch could become a target by hitting it with new therapies to mitigate the dependency and substance abuse.

Secondhand smoke: sick children most at risk of bronchiolitis

   Just the other day, in a previous article, we were talking about the risks that may result in the smoke who, according to a latest research, can even cause hearing problems, especially in children (see article).
And now here is another discovery that once again shows how secondhand smoke hurts, especially in children.
   Research conducted by University of Liverpool has shown that passive smoking can aggravate infections in children with bronchiolitis from, respiratory infection that usually affects infants and children under two years.
   Children hospitalized for bronchiolitis, who have one or more parents in the home who smoke are twice as likely to be subject to the need of oxygen, and five times more than you need mechanical ventilation (respirators), than children whose parents do not smoke.
Moreover, studies have found that is especially during the winter children susceptible to this disease may suffer more complications, the complicity of cold, want to breathe polluted air in the House.
Scholars have explained that once were confirmed the negative effects of smoking, which, in this specific case, is one of the main defendants the aggravation of the symptoms of bronchiolitis.

Male infertility linked to a genetic mutation

   The male infertility linked to a genetic mutation: is what would be a new study the results of which were published in the magazine Science Translational Medicine this week.
According to the authors of the male infertility would be attributable to a genetic mutation which causes loss of protective coating sperm protein, so it falls prey to the system immune in his journey towards the egg.
   Infertility affects between 10 and 15% of the population, and in the half about these cases, the problem is the male fertility.
In 70% of men, it is not possible to predict their fertility on the basis of sperm count and routine evaluation of sperm quality.
As often happens, the authors of the study were conducting aother research when they came across a protein called beta-126 defensive.  This is a glycosylated polypeptide, a protein encoded by the gene DEFB126 known as, which behaves like a concealment device that allows the sperm to swim efficiently through the mucus in female reproductive tract in order to reach the egg without being detected by his immune system.
The protein is synthesized epididymis in the male, spiral ducts that direct the sperm cells mature and transport on their way from the testicle after being produced, to the vas deferens, where they are urethra initiated before ejaculation. And while I'm in the epididymis, in preparation stage to launch, say so, ejaculatory, who receive sperm their often protective layer of beta-defensina 126.
Researchers, as mentioned above, have come almost for case discovering as often happens, while a copy of DEFB126recombinant gene, but in their first attempt they found the gene that was affected by mutation a that prevented making protein. When, then, they used semen of a different donor, were able to protein do.
Insospettiti, or better yet, curiously, tested have the ability of sperm to swim through a hyaluronic acid gel, gel artificial made to resemble the human cervical mucus, and found that semen of handicapped two variants have highlighted a defective 84% reduction of penetration rate compared to other genotypes. When then added a layer of beta-126 defensive to defective sperm recovered they have their normal penetration.
This sequence variation in DEFB126 common, and its effect impaired 's apparent of reproductive function will allow a understanding best, clinical evaluation and, where appropriate, the treatment of human infertility.
   This research may open ports to a new and more interesting method to effectively and deal with a far more restrained spending, infertile couples who wish to have a son together, rather than the adoption avail.
There is however also considered that the male fertility has seen in recent years, a significant decline worldwide and that the causes are still almost completely unknown.
Research on male infertility
   As usual the hypothesis , are different. This reduction is attributed to the fertility cigarette smokepollution, for greater exposure to contaminants, a bad habit food; Everyone says it, but still not research has found response a that rips the veil of mystery that surrounds the issue.
The only thing certain is that, compared to other mammals, quality human sperm is poor quality, swims slowly and has a high percentage of genes defective.
This first research that has, quite casually, led to the identification of the person responsible for, or at least one of them, male infertility, will need later for a solution look at what is the real problem: a regress General of male fertility in the world.


"Smart bombs" against cancer

Using the combination of drugs targeted against specific proteins that attack tumours and avoid the indiscriminate destruction of cells typical of chemotherapy could be the next frontier of cancer therapies. Some preliminary studies show that the combination of targeted treatments (such as Herceptin with Tykerb lung cancer), might be effective in patients who don't respond to only one of the drugs administered. Targeted therapies act as a sort of "smart bombs", attacking the cancer cells without harming healthy ones while chemotherapy affects indiscriminately normal and diseased cells. The combination of Herceptin and Tykarb is one of several possibilities under those treatments. According to j. Baselga (University Hospital Vall d'hebron, Barcelona), all chemical models suggest the superiority of combinations of drugs, although lacking experimental data to support this hypothesis. M. Socinski (University of North Carolina) considers that, since almost all cancers are caused by a multiplicity of factors, face them with a combination of targeted drugs is the right approach. Currently several research groups have planned clinical trials with various combinations of anticancer drugs. Some of these drugs are attacking a single factor (e.g., Avastin hits the VEGF protein, cutting off the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cancer cells), while others affect multiple targets (like Sorafenib, a drug for the treatment of kidney cancer). Will the results of the research underway to clarify the real effectiveness of therapies based on combinations of drugs compared to alternatives currently in use.

Study on brain function

If for some individuals making a choice is often difficult, regardless of the importance of the decision itself, this may be due to indecision and the way in which brain cells assign a value to different elements. Researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston have identified several neurons (brain cells) that play a role in the way in which individuals operate their choices. Scientists knew that cells in different areas of the brain respond to attributes such as color, taste or quantity. Researchers have identified neurons involved in the allocation of values used to operate the choices. Neurons that have been identified so far encode the value that the subject assigns to the elements available to make a choice; identified neurons encode the value assigned when individuals operating choices based on subjective preferences. Scientists have found neurons in a brain area known as bark orbitofrontale during a study of macaques, seats in the State of having to choose between different flavors and quantity of juice. Researchers have correlated the choices of animals with the activity of neurons and the value assigned to different types of drink. For example, some neurons showed high activity when animals have chosen grape juice or Apple juice. Other neurons instead seem to be involved in the evaluation of orange juice. The choice of beverage made from macaques could be based on the activity of these neurons. Previous research on the brain area showed that local lesions can cause eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive tendencies to gambling and abnormal social behaviour. New findings show an association between the activities of cortex orbitofrontale and the mental process of making a choice. It is believed that deficits in the ability to choose can be caused by a malfunction of this population of neurons, although the hypothesis should be verified with further research

Consequences of female circumcision

According to a report by the World Health Organization, female circumcision, which is currently used on more than three million girls each year causes complications during delivery and cause an increase in mortality in infants. The UN Agency argues that women who have undergone this practice (female genital mutilation), have proved more vulnerable to 70% of postpartum hemorrhage with fatal outcome compared to the other. Furthermore the study (involving 28,000 women admitted to the centres of obstetrics in six African countries where the practice is common) revealed an increase in risk of death for infants of 55%. According to j. Phumaphi (who), for the first time data are available that demonstrate the serious consequences on the health of women of this practice. According to the who, 20 children on 1000 in Africa die at birth due to circumcision of mothers. Currently it is estimated that women subjected to genital mutilation around the world are about 100 million. This practice is particularly prevalent in 28 African countries, but also in some areas of the Middle East and Asia, as well as among migrant communities in Europe and North America. Is carried out on girls around ten years old, often without anesthesia and in precarious hygienic conditions with exposure to infections of various kinds. The who is opposed to the idea that this practice is carried out by medical personnel in conditions of safety; second Phumaphi would be the worst thing possible. Many African Nations have enacted laws against female circumcision, but with a lack of effectiveness in terms of results. Often, for local cultures, circumcision is the guarantee of chastity before marriage and fidelity to her husband, but is also a rite of passage to adulthood.

Breast cancer prevention

   It is important to discover the cancer as early as possible because the tumor is small higher will be the chance of cure.
There are several tests that can be used for prevention of breast cancer.
    Allows you to identify breast cancers before they are palpable; for this reason is used as a basic test in screening programmes and is always used in those cases where you suspect cancer regardless of age.
In some cases, in the opinion of the radiologist may need support to mammogram an ultrasound.
Mammography "digital" allows to make investigations more sensitive and at the same time reduces the dose of radiation necessary to carry out the examination.
The risk of developing cancer radiation received during the examination is very low if not hypothetical.
Visit senologica
    During the visit senologica with your own doctor or specialist in breast will breast examination to detect the presence of nodules or other clinical signs. Visiting senologica is not sufficient to exclude totally the presence of a breast tumor. Possible results must be accompanied by other exams.
Important also to note that this exam will be a time for women to discuss with their physician their knowledge about breast cancer.
    It is a control that should be carried out by the same woman every month through the observation and self-examination of the breasts. The technique to use for the control should be taught by a physician. The self-examination is an excellent way to become familiar with their breasts and increase the ability to perceive any changes persistent to ask for the attention of your physician. Light squeezing of the nipple in order to identify any further secretions is a useful control to be carried out.
    Ultrasound can not be used as the sole test for breast cancer through palpation undetectable, but provides important information on the diagnosis of benign Nodular lesions. Currently you cannot use it as a single test excluding special cases such as the young age of the patient.
Withdrawals via needle
    When exams have discovered a suspicious lesion is necessary to proceed with a withdrawal. If the needle is thin cytologic examination allows fragments if is bigger allows histological examination. The guide of these levies is usually ultrasound, but if the lesion is identified only with Breast magnetic resonance imaging will be the latter driving the pickup.
Magnetic resonance imaging
    The RM is generally (with the exception of specific cases) considered a supplementary examination of ultrasound and mammography. It is however necessary to maintain it before any surgery in order to locate the unifocalita, the multifocalita and the multicentricita of the lesion. RM allows you to detect cancers not recognizable with other tests, but suffers from a number of false positives. Periodic checks by RM are recommended in women without symptoms only in case of high genetic risk.

Kids and car safety

As emerges from a search, children aboard cars involved in accidents are more likely to survive if, instead of simply use seat belts, travel protected by other systems (such as special seats). According to D.R. Durbin, co-author of the study, parents should be aware that the use of appropriate security systems at the age of small passenger is the best method to protect them in case of accident. During the search, Durbin and colleagues examined data about 965,000 children aged 2 and 6 years, involved in vehicle accidents from 1998 to 2003, with a severity level such as to render the vehicle inoperable; about one child in a thousand died in the accident. Less than half (45%) of children traveling secured on special seats or other device other than safety belts. These systems, according to the analysis of the data done by the team led by Durbin, 21% reduce of the risk of death of young passengers. Also, not counting the cases of misuse of devices, the benefit is even more marked, with a risk reduction of 28% compared to the sun belt. One of the problems is that safety belts are designed to optimize safety of adults, not children. It is necessary that the parents are convinced that the time it takes to ensure their children's safety seats is absolutely well spent, since these tools offer little security better.

Exposure to lead and brain damage

Cumulative exposure to lead can cause cerebral white matter degeneration; You might as well explain the progressive decline in brain functions found in people exposed to this metal. The white matter of the brain contains the axons nerve fibres, surrounded by myelin, a white substance. The myelin acts as an insulator and increases the speed of transmission of nerve signals. More is a high exposure to lead of a subject (detectable by the accumulation of metal bones), will be the worst brain damage over time, according to a study by w. Stewart (Pennsylvania, Geisinger Health System). The Stewart is one of the earliest research showing how exposure to lead may cause progressive damage even after many years. After you have found a connection between exposure to lead and a progressive decline in intellectual function, Stewart and his research team investigated to check for the presence of structural changes in the brain, subjecting to NMR 532 men who had worked in a chemical industry for the production of lead-based additives for fuels. On average the exposure to lead of subject lasted eighteen years. The researchers found that the severity of the abnormalities in white matter is proportional to the intensity of the exposure to lead. The causes may be different. Metal exposure could accelerate the changes normally related to ageing, but might also be related to hypertension, which in turn is connected to the deterioration of brain cells, or even directly damage cells. Stewart hopes to be able to identify better the action mechanism of lead on human brain with future research. The difficulty, at this early research, was also given by the fact that the subjects were exposed to lead not only in the workplace, but also in everyday life, because of metal present in paints and environmental pollution.

The vaccine for cervical cancer to

   This is an important vaccine to combat a disease that causes the death of about 300,000 women every year around the world. The Gardasil, is manufactured by Merck & Co. Inc. and intended for girls and young women between the ages of 9 and 26 years. The drug acts on certain types of papillomavirus (HPV), a micro-organism that transmits easily with sexual activity and that can cause this type of cancer. According to a. von Eschenbach (Food and Drug Administration), the vaccine is a significant step forward in protecting the health of women. Administered in three doses over six months, Gardasil hits four types of HPV that are believed to be at the base by more than 70% of cervical cancer. HPV infects about half of sexually active adults, but is usually harmless. In most advanced Nations, preventive controls have reduced the incidence of this disease, which is widespread in developing countries. According to studies conducted by Merck, the vaccine can prevent all injuries precancerous in cervix, vagina and vulva. According to the FDA, is therefore very likely that the drug is effective in the prevention of cancer to the cervix. However, it is not yet known how long the effectiveness of the drug over time. Surely the administration of the vaccine does not eliminate the need to undergo periodic inspections. Currently other research are underway to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication on women after 26 years and men and is considering recommending the spread of HPV vaccination. According to FDA, early treatment is appropriate because the drug is effective only if administered before infection; also the spread of the vaccine could be particularly useful in poorer nations, where there is the possibility of adopting other methods of control. Merck was available to provide low-cost vaccine for distribution in poor areas of the planet. A similar vaccine is being developed by GlaxoSmithKline

Pregnancy and drugs against hypertension

A class of drugs used to fight hypertension, considered safe even in the early stages of pregnancy, could increase considerably the risk of birth defects. These medicines, ACE inhibitors, were considered at risk only after the third month from conception, but this belief is contradicted by a study conducted in Tennessee, which has been considering 30,000 births and was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. According to the study, since often, in the first two months, women are not aware of ongoing pregnancy, these drugs should be avoided by anyone who is more likely to become pregnant or intend to do so. W. Cooper (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine), who led the research, believes that the analyzed data suggest that the use of such drugs in these circumstances is not secure, and therefore should be avoided, especially since there are other types of medications for the treatment of hypertension in pregnant women. The researchers found that among the 209 women who have taken one of the medications (ACE inhibitors) during the first three months of pregnancy, the 7.1% gave birth to a baby with severe malformations. In contrast, among the 202 women who have taken other drugs for the control of hypertension, the percentage of birth defects was equal to 1.7%. The overall rate of defects in infants between 29,096 women who have not taken any hypertensive pregnancy was 2.6%. According to Cooper, the sample is limited, but the risk is however easily avoidable. According to j. Friedman (University of British Columbia), the results must be confirmed; Friedman believes that this study does not represent the final word on the subject, but it is surprising that it is the first time that this issue is taken into account. In general, very little is known about the effects of drugs on foetuses, also because American health authorities do not require this kind of checks before approving the deployment of a new drug. Furthermore, according to Friedman, the voluntary system for the identification of effects is inefficient and often misleading; This however does not prevent doctors to prescribe certain drugs to pregnant women.

Pneumonia in the elderly and hospitalization

A group of Canadian researchers has developed a set of guidelines with the objective to avoid hospitalization for elderly residents in nursing facilities affected by pneumonia. To verify safety and feasibility of this therapeutic approach, m. Loeb (McMaster University, Hamilton) and her colleagues have chosen ten facilities followed the guidelines, while the other ten continued to follow the standard procedures. When a patient showing symptoms of pneumonia, the staff of the nursing home could make a chest plate using a mobile unit. Following the new guidelines, the staff had to determine whether the patient was able to feed themselves properly and had to check their heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen level in blood. If even one of these parameters was not satisfied with the levels set out, you had to be hospitalized; According to Loeb, in fact, at that point the transfer to a suitable structure is indispensable. Otherwise, the patient was transferred to the hospital and treatment was administered at the nursing home. The study covered 327 patients in Group guidelines and 353 in the structures that have followed the standard procedure. The shelter was carried out for 34 patients of the first group (10%) and 76 of the second (22%). Mortality rates were similar for the two groups (respectively 8% and 9%). At the end of the study was carried out a series of interviews on patients and their families; There has been a general preference towards the treatment inside the home. Furthermore, according to Loeb, avoid hospitalization enables considerable savings on health spending. The next step, according to Loeb, is the further development of this method for large-scale application.

Diagnosis of asthma more difficult in children

Asthma is a disease that affects the bronchial tubes, reducing the air passage and consequently the respiratory capacity. The asthma attack is caused mainly by respiratory infections, allergies or by physical efforts of a certain level.While about three children who suffer from asthma are two males, in the case of adults this share tips. The reasons for this situation have not yet been clarified.Currently several studies are in progress on adult asthma patients in severe form; the greater incidence of the disease on women has emerged in this circumstance. Some believe that hormonal differences play an important role, while others attribute this imbalance to the different dimensions of the lungs.The researchers also found that children suffering with asthma have still a good lung function; for this reason sometimes did not come to a timely diagnosis of this disease. In fact, one of the parameters for the diagnosis of asthma is the FEV 1 (exhaled air volume in one second), which measures the amount of air that a person can exhale in one second. When the level of the FEV 1 is less than 60% of the norm, we are faced with a severe form of asthma. In a recent study, the mean value of FEV 1 for adults with severe asthma is a result of 57% compared to the norm, while that of sick children is a result equal to 74%, but many have reached 90%. On the one hand, this means that the lungs of little ones keep still a good feature when compared to those of adult patients, on the other hand that the diagnosis of asthma is more difficult; the doctor is likely to underestimate the pathological condition of the patient.


Parkinson, neurons "iDA" as a new frontier for the cure

   The ability to care for Parkinson's disease, there is transplantation into the body of dopaminergic neurons, which are able to act in a manner beneficial nerve structures, where he is going to affect the disease, so as to improve the clinical course of patients.
The problems related to this type of treatment is, however, due to the possible harmful effects, which dictated by transplantation may then conduct the subject to react, with the development in the body of tumors. This represents a strong limit for this care, or at least so it was up to date.
According to a study published online "Nature" and related research conducted by the Scientific Institute San Raffaele University in Milan, it would be possible to generate in the dopaminergic neurons lost in Parkinson's disease.
   In what way? The researchers were able to obtain from the skin cells, neurons called "iDA, a proedimento which replaces the old way of neurons based on stem cells and though considered dangerous to the body because it can create harmful side effects.
"IDA neurons have important advantages such as being able to be generated from the patient himself, in a reproducible, in a relatively short time and without any risk of tumours-commented Vania Broccoli, Coordinator of the study – however, only the next studies in design directly in animal models of Parkinson's disease will ensure if neurons iDA can become a source for this type of use in the clinic".

Doctors without borders: "Italian Government respects the commitments in the fight against Aids"

   The Italy hosts this year's International Aids Conference 2011. A great honor for our country, considered among the best in the world regarding the research undertaken in the fight against Aids.
But as we pointed out in recent days, occasions like these serve both to praise the work of our researchers, who at the same time to reveal those defects and inconsistencies of the Belpaese.
The journal Science, in fact, he wrote only a few days ago that "despite the Italian researchers have long considered among the best worldwide in the fight against Aids, the Government has no plans to continue the national research programme on Aids." Funds trimmed looking, just like we wrote about Ciak! Medicine last week.
   And if the Government does not act now, Italy is in danger of going out precisely by the international programme of fight against Aids, with a serious loss for the entire medical community, that of our researchers, among the best in the world, has absolutely need at a time when the goal is to stabilize the infections by 2015 and proceed to the total elimination of the virus.
But while in our country we navigate in doubt, today it is a warning to doctors without borders to our Government, which has been invited to "respect the commitments made in the fight against Aids", as Italy is the only one among those of the G8 to not having paid contributions for 2009 and 2010 to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, as well as the only one without a future.
In any event, the Conference will go ahead and focus on two new strategies identified by researchers in the fight against Aids. The first concerns the use of antiretroviral therapies not only to fend off Hiv infection, but to prevent an infected person can transmit the virus.
   This would be a treat in the form of prevention, through which the seropositive would have a large percentage of lower probability (90% according to tests) to transmit the virus.
The second strategy, more complex, instead of using antiretroviral drugs on healthy people to avoid the plague. But it is still a rather risky option, whose validity would be demonstrated by tests carried out in Africa.

Attraction for fatty foods? In Western is normal

   You are attracted to crisps, sweets, beer and fatty foods tend to? Don't worry, it's absolutely normal Western : are you and this attraction to the categories of fatty food represents a part of you, it is placed inside an instinct almost "prehistoric", common for millennia to the brain of people born on both sides of the Atlantic.
It reveals a curious research conducted by Alasdair MacKenzie and published in the Journal of Neuropsychopharmocology: according to the author of the study would be a neurotransmitter, galenina, turning hunger for more fatty and foods with more calories in Western populations.
This component Asians, for example, it would be much less present.
   "The explanation is genetics," said MacKenzie, caused by the historic route taken by the various populations. "To resist the ice of the inhospitable regions of yore – supports the seeker – the ancestors of Westerners have developed a fondness for more food energy".
   This choice has performed then in the brain successors, of up to us. This just because "beer and dairy foods are important sources of calories during the winter months, both for example.
So happens that "switch controls the areas of the brain that allow us to choose what food we'd love to eat and if acts significantly we're more likely to crave fatty foods and alcohol," MacKenzie. And if today we all are talking about obesity as a problem to be solved in our continent, it turns out, however, as certain types of foods fundamental were centuries ago, as "during the winter, individuals with the least efficient, could not survive in Europe".

Chocolate goodness and well-being for the body

   On many occasions you have heard of chocolate and its beneficial properties as food. Always especially symptom of greediness and sweetness, in more recent times this food is also entered in the world of wellbeing and beauty treatments can be good for your health of man.
   Are many, in fact, the Spa able to offer these types of treatments: Let's talk about chocolate-useful for therapy, anti-cellulite massage, peeling to rejuvenate the facial, scrub, facial and body exfoliation and toning baths. And all thanks to the exceptional properties of this sweet, rich in nutrients and moisturizers.
Taking a look at where you can speak with a chocolate therapy, immediately jumps the eye the chance to fight cellulite. It's really real? Yes, because the chocolate abates with flavonoids', which are draining and action at the same time encourage the Elimination of stagnant liquids. More caffeine dissolves the unsightly flaps.
They are soon called, therefore, the benifiche property of the chocolate therapy, which can be applied as seen in several ways: massages, hydromassages, applications to suit all tastes of chocolate and chi piu ne ha piu ne metta. In this sense we can safely say that the treatments don't know by now, just to whet customers, respecting however offering something really positive for health.
   Among other benefits, we must not forget that the treatments also increase the production of endorphins which in turn promote the activity of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of serenity and wellbeing. Another point, that, for the benefit of the chocolate therapy as a starting point for the physical and mental wellness.
That said, we also see one of the most common practices for the administration of combination as beneficial treatment: massage, involving the shoulders, back, neck and buttocks and thighs and go right down to the calves and ankles, and also the front of the body. Massaging the active ingredients contained in chocolate are conveyed within the DermIS where they act in depth.

Aids alarm in Italy: funding zeroed at Global Found to search?

   Funding zeroed, now the Italy of Aids research, is likely even trembles disappearing from the Global Found, global cooperation against Hiv research in our country, our researchers are always identified as the leader and exceptional engine worldwide.
Now things might change, if this doesn't get a signal from the Government within short. To launch the alarm are 13 main Italian associations engaged in the fight against Aids, on the eve of the SIXTH World Conference, IAS in Rome from 17 to 20 July.
   Risk and concern travelling paralleled, at high levels. This was mostly because there are certainties for the search: "at present the Italian Government has not yet announced a plan to return for the 2009 and 2010, funding amounted to 260 million euros, and additional 30 million dollars pledged at the G8 in L'Aquila 2009," explained in fact Marco Simonelli of Actionaid.
Yet today in the world, Aids is a priority to be addressed shortly: are 34 million cases detected , with 7,000 new cases of infection every day. And research, in this scenario, plays a fundamental role, with a primary goal to underline: stabilize, if not clear, Hiv infections by 2015.
"It's just begun stabilization that is not consolidated, especially in countries without services santari" comments to that effect Stefania Burdo Italian Observatory on global action against Aids, demonstrating the vital role played by research in the field of health in General, Aids in particular.
   Waiting for news, Italian associations have drawn up the "Document of Rome", inside of which are contained priorities to all that the Government should pay attention in research:
renew the country's financial commitment to the Global Fundinvestire in research to make available new drugs that attack the virus Hiv in so-called "sanctuaries" where resists therapies antiretroviralifavorire access to treatment of fragilirafforzare information and prevenzioneadeguare regional health services guidelines elaborated by the National Aids Commission

By USING the new rules anti-obesity

   The two key moments to fight obesity? In the early years of life and around 18 years. And it is precisely here that they intend to intervire the American health authorities, which have drawn up a list of rules to be anti-obesity in children between zero and five years of life.
Yes, because obesity can initiate many other health problems, such as the Diabetes II. And that is why the u.s. Institute of medicine (Iom), as we said before, has set a series of rules:
no to punishments which prohibit games and outdoor movement; strictly prohibited in the tv children's bedrooms; diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat.
   Should be Governments, moreover, to draw up rules for food of children between zero and two years, checking through pediatricians weight and height at each visit, promoting physical activity, sponsoring also sleep. Children to sleep well, in fact, represents a major risk factor for the accumulation of fat and weight.
The next horizon, as said, is that of Diabetes II. Wellness, disease that scares in Italy now: the country of the Mediterranean diet is found with a host of kids obese it does scare, all subject to a very high risk of contracting diabetes in adolescence.
   And Moreover it is a disease which worldwide makes record numbers speak volumes: 285-350 million diabetes II today, 438-700 million in 2030 (about 8 million in Italy, of which 5 million note). One death every ten seconds.
   At the time the weapon better seconds experts is the preventionanyway, although the search continues in the laboratory. Space therefore to diets and physical activity, as made by the University of Newcastle, who put on a diet of rigid 11 patients for eight weeks: "Now – commented Roy Taylor, head of the team – is essential to go ahead with the search and check if healing is permanent."


Superior Health Council: Yes to five days after pill

   She arrived yesterday, following the decision of the Supreme Council of Health, the official news: green light to pill of five days after, the new drug can inhibit ovulation up to 120 hours following sexual intercourse.
The pill does not represent precisely a drug abortive and was judged in line with the law 194 abortion, as long as you make with a test that the woman is already pregnant for a previous relationship. "Abortion – explained that the Supreme Council of Health-is the removal of the embryo already nestled in utero, which occurs after the sixth or seventh day by a report potentially at risk."
   On the contrary, the pill that will come soon on the market can be used before encountering any nesting, while later loses its effect. This is why it is not within the possibility of abortion.
Sure, there are of course the criticism coming mainly from the Church. Cardinal Elio Sgreccia stated: "it's an abortion to all effects, an abortion of refined malice: a morning after pill", 5 times that "intercepts the process plant already started and then a living being, because life begins with fertilization. I hope – concludes that this cardinal – deliberates responsibly rejected by the Government. "
   Contrary opinions aside, the pill has already a EllaOnename:. Will be sold in pharmacies by prescription and is more precisely a drug composed of ulipristal acetate, a antiprogestinico that inhibits or delays ovulation. If the fertilization of the egg has already occurred, however, the pill has no effect.
After the Ru846, then, comes an additional measure even more "emergency": If in the first case, in fact, it was necessary to take the pill within 72 hours, here the term temporal stretches up to even five days. But must still be taking the as soon as possible to act on his anti-progesterone.

Multiple sclerosis: only 9% have access to new treatments

   The numbers are clear, speak of a reality by reviewing, unjust. In Italy 61mila are those affected by Sclerosis, each year 1,800 new cases are registered, with an average of a new diagnosis every four hours.
The news of recent days about the treatment of multiple sclerosis have therefore represented a new hope for patients in our country, for which already there are therapies that delay the progression of the disease and disability.
But who really has access to these treatments? If there has been talk in Rome during a Conference "sustainable access to innovation: a comparison on multiple sclerosis", wanted by the Health and Health Observatory, with patronage of the Ministry of health, the Italian multiple sclerosis Association and the Italian society of Neurology.
Data emerged from the Convention are many. Starting from categories of patients: especially young people, with the condition that represents one of the main causes of neurological disability among young people of 20-30 years.
   "Today-explained Carlo Pozzilli, Professor of Neurology at the University of Rome La Sapienza-can we intervene when the person is still good, thanks to considerable progress in therapeutic in recent years. If in the years ' 80-continues – about 70% of people with multiple sclerosis was disabled within seven years, now the percentage has decreased thanks to treatment and early diagnosis ".
Problems, as mentioned, there are however in access to new treatments, where "there are still differences from region to region." Underline is Frederick Spandonaro, Professor of health economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.
   According to the numbers, only 9% patients have access to new treatments. A widespread problem, therefore, that should be resolved as soon as possible: everyone must have access, the right way, to new cures.

Human Papilloma Virus, discovered a vaccine effective

   HPV, Human Papilloma Virus, uterine cancer. The fight continues and researchers go ahead: from Sydney, Australia, the latest recent discoveries regarding the HPV, for which it was found indeed a vaccine effective, able to prevent the spread of the tumor.
The team of researchers, which has operated on the basis of Victorian Cytology Service Registries, verified as in girls under the age of 18 years vaccinated there are a 38% chance in less of premalignant lesions in relation to their peers before the advent of the vaccine.
Experts have also pointed out that this is the first report that found the decline of these lesions beginning of the vaccination campaign launched in Australia in 2007.
   This study, published in the journal "The Lancet" will be followed by numerous tests in the coming months "to prove the effectiveness of the preventive vaccine against cervical cancer."
To mention are Mona Saraiya and Susan Hariri of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta: an "cancer-go – employs many years to develop. The Papilloma virus (HPV) is a viral agent that can cause genital infections and can predispose to the development of a cancer of the cervix, for approximately a thousand deaths each year. "
   Among other things is interesting to know that even in Italy for some years, began the campaign of vaccination against the HPV vaccine that provides free girls from 11 to 12 years. It is rare that the tumor is shown with all types of Hpv are present in bivalent or quadrivalent vaccine. For this reason, therefore, the care are turning towards the girls more young age, rather than against women in old age.