Attraction for fatty foods? In Western is normal

   You are attracted to crisps, sweets, beer and fatty foods tend to? Don't worry, it's absolutely normal Western : are you and this attraction to the categories of fatty food represents a part of you, it is placed inside an instinct almost "prehistoric", common for millennia to the brain of people born on both sides of the Atlantic.
It reveals a curious research conducted by Alasdair MacKenzie and published in the Journal of Neuropsychopharmocology: according to the author of the study would be a neurotransmitter, galenina, turning hunger for more fatty and foods with more calories in Western populations.
This component Asians, for example, it would be much less present.
   "The explanation is genetics," said MacKenzie, caused by the historic route taken by the various populations. "To resist the ice of the inhospitable regions of yore – supports the seeker – the ancestors of Westerners have developed a fondness for more food energy".
   This choice has performed then in the brain successors, of up to us. This just because "beer and dairy foods are important sources of calories during the winter months, both for example.
So happens that "switch controls the areas of the brain that allow us to choose what food we'd love to eat and if acts significantly we're more likely to crave fatty foods and alcohol," MacKenzie. And if today we all are talking about obesity as a problem to be solved in our continent, it turns out, however, as certain types of foods fundamental were centuries ago, as "during the winter, individuals with the least efficient, could not survive in Europe".


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