Ayurslim contains an amazing combination of herbs that burn fat in the body and provide long effect in contrast to most other means to reduce weight. This product has no side effects. Meshashringi and Vrikshamla stimulate and improve the metabolism and reduces Guggulu-fat and toxins in their tissues.

It speeds up metabolism and thereby helps burn fat and lipids inside the body.
He prepyadstvuet synthesis of fatty acids in muscle and liver, and thus stops the lipogenezis.
It reduces the demand for sugar and neutralizes the sugar in the body.
It reduces halesterina and trigritserida - factors that affect the control of completeness.

AyurSlim Capsules regulate body weight in three ways:
reduce cravings for food, thus reducing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates;
lead to optimal use of nutrients;
inhibit the synthesis of fatty acids, which reduces the accumulation of fat in the body.
On average, regular consumption Capsules Ayurslim leads to weight loss of 9 kg over 6 months.


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