Facial gymnastics for a face to the test of time

   Why use scalpels, when to prevent the frown lines formation of enough exercise muscles of the face?

The facial gymnastics, in fact, it helps tone skin of the face and to preserve the muscle tone. By practicing the exercises are very simple, but requires a daily commitment. Before starting you need to be completely relaxed and the skin should be clean, because the musclesstimulation of facial also helps to eliminate toxins, and it is good that the pores are free.
   You can be both standing, seated, with shoulders, and head and the back straight. On the face you can apply an emulsion or a gel filling for easy exercises. Before you start you have to inhale and exhale slowly for 5 times.
   Close your eyes and head toward the root of the nose. Keep this position 5 seconds and slowly reopen eyes staring at a precise point imagining to follow a straight line. The exercise should be repeated at least 5 times.
  Support the two-finger rings under both PLASTY and pull down while trying to close the eyes strizzandoli.
Support the middle finger and ring fingers of both hands at the center of the forehead pulling slightly to temples, try to close your eyes and hold this position for about 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise at least 5 times.
   Squint, then crush the index on Crow's feet, raising and lowering his eyelids quickly for five seconds. Repeat exercise 5 times. For relaxation, exercise and other drum with your fingers in the eye contour area.
Tap between thumb (lower lip) and index (top) to shut up, starting from the Center to the sides. Restart from the Centre and repeat for about two minutes later.
  Support the mouth in the Palm of your hand and kiss him 3 or 4 times, without ever loosing pressure. To mitigate the fold lip nose pinch the area slightly, but decisively, for at least two minutes, starting from the bottom and going up towards the nostrils.


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