About herpes now knows most of the people. In the 20th century it from visible satellite diseases and fevers in severe illness and this reputation slowly moved in century XXI.
Naipace that the herpes lik, and in an age of seductive shifts it fully opened its second person — genital form. Genital herpes became one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and, alas, women mucatsa them twice.
"Our constant companion" herpes and genital form) claimed at least two millennia. Specifically that age the first mention of "septicaemia". For many centuries remained genital herpes is relatively rare disease, because the primary method of distribution . But infected genital herpes man almost loses opportunities news sex life because of soreness of affected mucous membranes. So was the natural insulation of a sick person who from the powerful.

   And the situation deteriorated in the past decade. For some reason. Massive temper the incidence of herpes in recent years depends on a subset of adverse factors. Bad Agroecology is a weakened immunity. Social events-decline in living standards — carelessness has been blamed on the individual. Tempting permissiveness is the peak of all STDS, including herpes.
(A) and herpes, not dremal all years. Found the new more terrible form and variation, adapted to medicines. The main problem of herpes is that now he is now most often masked under other diseases. It may come as urethritis or prostatitis in men or women of genitourinary system. And for years a person can be treated, not from what he suffers (the benefit of any snaraditsa treatment, really).
   In fact, it will list the symptoms that you have cheerleaders and become a pretext for a visit to the doctor. Thus, sexual Herpes found via 2-14 days after infection. All these symptoms may be accompanied by the rise of paleotemperatury and General ill health. Then formed bubbles filled with clean liquid, which soon cracked. In their place there will be little painful ulcers. 

   The incidence of genital herpes form varies and depends on the age and category. For example, the more susceptible in genital herpes that the black population of our planet — almost five times more. Phenomenally suffer them children. But in the 14-15 years, as well as before, almost seven per cent of teenagers had already "familiar" with genital herpes. (A) by 30-40 years, the number of media reaches 30 per cent.
Social level means not only the possibility of contamination and the possibility of treatment. All recognizable now products against Herpes (but this is not only ointments, and parenteral and oral inherently benefit that small doses do not become treatment need to rate any exacerbation of such exacerbations, but possibly up to 3 – 4 – thirty days For the course of treatment lasts 6 to 7 days, goes almost continuous reception of the products that are prohibited from taking a reduced number of medicines (saving money or spare body)-treatment is inadequate and, consequently, ineffective.
   But a long treatment of  products have a nasty surprise: they can "bring" the ovaries. Well but at times (in severe cases), to reduce the number of repetitions of almost ponedel?nyh to a few per year, viral products you need to take several years outsourcing large portions.
Home location also influences the disease genital herpes and other STDs. Having permanent sexual partner, a chance to grab a genital herpes are not so many. You only need to remember and genital herpes become mutually-penetrating form.

    Find Herpes in force anatomical evidently more complicated, but painful usually settled at other ladies and more. But there is no proper diagnosis. On this sick women Herpes than men.
Running genital herpes often leads to neplodia. Essentially yes it scary for pregnant and birthday parties. This is why all the more modern physician and a physician is not after and before the birth of the child. But, according to the world statistics, in the early stages of pregnancy, impairment of genital herpes in every fourth form precedent leads to abortion and late — already the wife of precedents. The benefit of so the child is born at the time of the impairment of genital herpes, it catches the virus still in hereditary means mother. And herpes birthday parties — the disease.
  So it is better to avoid genital herpes, but at the slightest assumption — specialist to diagnose and treat. Accurately, destroy his body entirely unrealistic. All the advances of modern medicine are addressed only to block him, spawn, in other words delete deterioration — the emergence of such treaties. Well, but the main thing is to strengthen immunity. He and saves you from infection, and left to fight the virus, taking his ability to "blossom" and spawn too often.


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