Parkinson, neurons "iDA" as a new frontier for the cure

   The ability to care for Parkinson's disease, there is transplantation into the body of dopaminergic neurons, which are able to act in a manner beneficial nerve structures, where he is going to affect the disease, so as to improve the clinical course of patients.
The problems related to this type of treatment is, however, due to the possible harmful effects, which dictated by transplantation may then conduct the subject to react, with the development in the body of tumors. This represents a strong limit for this care, or at least so it was up to date.
According to a study published online "Nature" and related research conducted by the Scientific Institute San Raffaele University in Milan, it would be possible to generate in the dopaminergic neurons lost in Parkinson's disease.
   In what way? The researchers were able to obtain from the skin cells, neurons called "iDA, a proedimento which replaces the old way of neurons based on stem cells and though considered dangerous to the body because it can create harmful side effects.
"IDA neurons have important advantages such as being able to be generated from the patient himself, in a reproducible, in a relatively short time and without any risk of tumours-commented Vania Broccoli, Coordinator of the study – however, only the next studies in design directly in animal models of Parkinson's disease will ensure if neurons iDA can become a source for this type of use in the clinic".


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