Aids alarm in Italy: funding zeroed at Global Found to search?

   Funding zeroed, now the Italy of Aids research, is likely even trembles disappearing from the Global Found, global cooperation against Hiv research in our country, our researchers are always identified as the leader and exceptional engine worldwide.
Now things might change, if this doesn't get a signal from the Government within short. To launch the alarm are 13 main Italian associations engaged in the fight against Aids, on the eve of the SIXTH World Conference, IAS in Rome from 17 to 20 July.
   Risk and concern travelling paralleled, at high levels. This was mostly because there are certainties for the search: "at present the Italian Government has not yet announced a plan to return for the 2009 and 2010, funding amounted to 260 million euros, and additional 30 million dollars pledged at the G8 in L'Aquila 2009," explained in fact Marco Simonelli of Actionaid.
Yet today in the world, Aids is a priority to be addressed shortly: are 34 million cases detected , with 7,000 new cases of infection every day. And research, in this scenario, plays a fundamental role, with a primary goal to underline: stabilize, if not clear, Hiv infections by 2015.
"It's just begun stabilization that is not consolidated, especially in countries without services santari" comments to that effect Stefania Burdo Italian Observatory on global action against Aids, demonstrating the vital role played by research in the field of health in General, Aids in particular.
   Waiting for news, Italian associations have drawn up the "Document of Rome", inside of which are contained priorities to all that the Government should pay attention in research:
renew the country's financial commitment to the Global Fundinvestire in research to make available new drugs that attack the virus Hiv in so-called "sanctuaries" where resists therapies antiretroviralifavorire access to treatment of fragilirafforzare information and prevenzioneadeguare regional health services guidelines elaborated by the National Aids Commission


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