By USING the new rules anti-obesity

   The two key moments to fight obesity? In the early years of life and around 18 years. And it is precisely here that they intend to intervire the American health authorities, which have drawn up a list of rules to be anti-obesity in children between zero and five years of life.
Yes, because obesity can initiate many other health problems, such as the Diabetes II. And that is why the u.s. Institute of medicine (Iom), as we said before, has set a series of rules:
no to punishments which prohibit games and outdoor movement; strictly prohibited in the tv children's bedrooms; diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat.
   Should be Governments, moreover, to draw up rules for food of children between zero and two years, checking through pediatricians weight and height at each visit, promoting physical activity, sponsoring also sleep. Children to sleep well, in fact, represents a major risk factor for the accumulation of fat and weight.
The next horizon, as said, is that of Diabetes II. Wellness, disease that scares in Italy now: the country of the Mediterranean diet is found with a host of kids obese it does scare, all subject to a very high risk of contracting diabetes in adolescence.
   And Moreover it is a disease which worldwide makes record numbers speak volumes: 285-350 million diabetes II today, 438-700 million in 2030 (about 8 million in Italy, of which 5 million note). One death every ten seconds.
   At the time the weapon better seconds experts is the preventionanyway, although the search continues in the laboratory. Space therefore to diets and physical activity, as made by the University of Newcastle, who put on a diet of rigid 11 patients for eight weeks: "Now – commented Roy Taylor, head of the team – is essential to go ahead with the search and check if healing is permanent."



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