Berries, real allies of our health

  Blueberries and berries, good and healthy. Are rich in substances such as anthocyanins polyphenols and, for which studies have shown positive activity in various districts of our organism, bone, heart, to the improvement of cognitive property.
It can happen though that many studies aimed at assessing the benefits certain substances contained in food, are done on animals, or humans using extracted but of the fruit, for example, rather than the fruit itself.
Is doubt so that sometimes the Western crusades beneficial properties are not a food so real, at least considering the amount on average that a grown man takes the food concerned. To dispel any doubts in the case of berries down in field Daniele Del Rio, Professor of food and human nutrition at the University of Parma.
  He explains that: "the berries contain so many different and polyphenols. Not only flavonoids, phenolic acids, but also smaller and as such probably easier to absorb for our organism. The most recent studies show that, once ingested polyphenols, such as with a serving of blueberries, undergo many changes within the digestive tract and other still suffer after being absorbed ".
  Del Rio, coauthor of research, published in the British Journal of Nutrition that has reviewed the topic, makes clear difference also on between wild berries and greenhouse. The first contain less water so the polyphenols are concentrated more, those of serra, in turn, more diluted.
Del Rio also States that research in the matter has yet to understand how our edited digestive chemical molecules contained in these fruits. However it is clear that these foods are cure-all a true for our health, thanks to an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, protection on the heart.


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