Cancer, women are more at risk

According to a group of researchers at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom it seems that women may be very high to risk of cancer.
Experts have come to this conclusion after reviewing more than 1 million medical records and, in particular, it seems that for every 4 inches tall in more risk increases by 16%. Women high around a 1 meter and 80 are 33% chance of getting breast cancer, blood and kidneys, uterus and ovaries.
Researchers think that the cause of hormonal origin can be seen that the body starts to produce large amounts of estrogen and this is a matter of probability as more women are high and most cells in your body. Every year cancer rates increased by 3% and height increase could explain up to 15% of these cases.
Dr. Jane Green's Cancer Epidemiology Unit of the University of Oxford, explained: "the connection between height and cancer risk seems to be common to different types of cancer and height has been linked to a lower risk of developing other diseases, like heart disease."


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