Breast cancer prevention

   It is important to discover the cancer as early as possible because the tumor is small higher will be the chance of cure.
There are several tests that can be used for prevention of breast cancer.
    Allows you to identify breast cancers before they are palpable; for this reason is used as a basic test in screening programmes and is always used in those cases where you suspect cancer regardless of age.
In some cases, in the opinion of the radiologist may need support to mammogram an ultrasound.
Mammography "digital" allows to make investigations more sensitive and at the same time reduces the dose of radiation necessary to carry out the examination.
The risk of developing cancer radiation received during the examination is very low if not hypothetical.
Visit senologica
    During the visit senologica with your own doctor or specialist in breast will breast examination to detect the presence of nodules or other clinical signs. Visiting senologica is not sufficient to exclude totally the presence of a breast tumor. Possible results must be accompanied by other exams.
Important also to note that this exam will be a time for women to discuss with their physician their knowledge about breast cancer.
    It is a control that should be carried out by the same woman every month through the observation and self-examination of the breasts. The technique to use for the control should be taught by a physician. The self-examination is an excellent way to become familiar with their breasts and increase the ability to perceive any changes persistent to ask for the attention of your physician. Light squeezing of the nipple in order to identify any further secretions is a useful control to be carried out.
    Ultrasound can not be used as the sole test for breast cancer through palpation undetectable, but provides important information on the diagnosis of benign Nodular lesions. Currently you cannot use it as a single test excluding special cases such as the young age of the patient.
Withdrawals via needle
    When exams have discovered a suspicious lesion is necessary to proceed with a withdrawal. If the needle is thin cytologic examination allows fragments if is bigger allows histological examination. The guide of these levies is usually ultrasound, but if the lesion is identified only with Breast magnetic resonance imaging will be the latter driving the pickup.
Magnetic resonance imaging
    The RM is generally (with the exception of specific cases) considered a supplementary examination of ultrasound and mammography. It is however necessary to maintain it before any surgery in order to locate the unifocalita, the multifocalita and the multicentricita of the lesion. RM allows you to detect cancers not recognizable with other tests, but suffers from a number of false positives. Periodic checks by RM are recommended in women without symptoms only in case of high genetic risk.


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