Kids and car safety

As emerges from a search, children aboard cars involved in accidents are more likely to survive if, instead of simply use seat belts, travel protected by other systems (such as special seats). According to D.R. Durbin, co-author of the study, parents should be aware that the use of appropriate security systems at the age of small passenger is the best method to protect them in case of accident. During the search, Durbin and colleagues examined data about 965,000 children aged 2 and 6 years, involved in vehicle accidents from 1998 to 2003, with a severity level such as to render the vehicle inoperable; about one child in a thousand died in the accident. Less than half (45%) of children traveling secured on special seats or other device other than safety belts. These systems, according to the analysis of the data done by the team led by Durbin, 21% reduce of the risk of death of young passengers. Also, not counting the cases of misuse of devices, the benefit is even more marked, with a risk reduction of 28% compared to the sun belt. One of the problems is that safety belts are designed to optimize safety of adults, not children. It is necessary that the parents are convinced that the time it takes to ensure their children's safety seats is absolutely well spent, since these tools offer little security better.


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