Cali pressure, how to avoid them

   During the summer, it can happen to suffer cali pressure, both because of high temperatures, whichfeeding of a wrong. Behold, then, some advice for not running unnecessary risks.

   The first thing to do is to stand up suddenly from the bed or cot. When you keep a supine position during sleep or you're lying under Sun for the few hours it's easy to have a lowering pressure. Moreover, it would be preferable to avoid the hottest hours of the day (from 12 to 15). The heat, which warms up the body, to lower the temperature produces a cutaneous vasodilatation. The pressure Central, thus giving rise to cala sagging and weakness. A good idea is to make small stops under the beach umbrella, trying to bathe often, especially the head. In this sense, the vaporizers are very useful.
   Power also is very important. It waterdrink plenty, but also fruit juices and idrosalini supplements to restore the minerals lost sweating with, which is one of the main causes responsible for drop in pressure. Exhaustion, in fact, in extreme cases, can lead to fainting also. Of course, fruit go-ahead and vegetables are also rich in minerals. It's a good rule, however, avoid fatty foods too.
Not to alter the pressureof values, is fundamental not spend many hours, trying to walk in small steps and refreshing environments where you spend your day. When you feel overwhelmed by the weakness, the first thing to do is raise the legs to encourage venous return from the outlying areas of the body to the heart, so as to restore the blood pressure. Exhaustionif, instead, is associated with the so-called "hole in the stomach", to raise the pressure soon you just eat something salty, like a slice of ham.


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