Children, a robot will help you walk

   Give the possibility for children to recover the ability to walk after losing the use of the legs due injuries of the spinal. Till now experimentation with this device, named explanatory "ReWalk" was available only for adult patients. Now, for the first time in the world, is used at the ospedale pediatrico Bambino Gesu in Rome, on pediatric patients.
   This tool is actually exoskeleton a which patients may wear, connected to a backpack to carry on his shoulders, which suitably programmed for themselves to perform the desired task from them thanks to a computerized control system. It is a machine developed by an Israeli engineer was paralyzed after an accident. A device so designed and manufactured by a person with knowledge of the pathology and problems.
   Active through the exoskeleton of a tilt sensor on the place of chesthigh. The nursing House Roman is trying the equipment at the new laboratory of Robotics and motion inaugurated a few days ago in Santa Marinella. Inside are not only applied the technologies already exist but you will study increasingly means through which bring those forced into immobility in a situation of life more "convenient" and independent.
This activity will be carried out by researchers in Rome with the collaboration of colleagues in the Department of Mechanics and Aeronautics of the University "La Sapienza" and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.
As the head of Pediatric rehabilitation of hospital paediatric Enrico Castelli:
Rehabilitation with robotic devices is a new opportunity of treatment, with an approach similar to a video-game, increase treatment motivation of children and appears able to activate the brain plasticity at the base of functional recovery.
This is because, in children there is a need to teach them "for the first time" the use of their limbs.


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