Keratosis Pilaris

   The Keratosis Pilaris is a condition of skin common where a protein keratin call form hard spines in the hair follicles.
CAUSES: The Keratosis Pilaris is harmless (benign) worsens over time, and often disappear with age. It is more common in patients who have very dry skin, or who have Atopic Dermatitis (eczema). Hereditary seems to be. In mild cases, small lesions, similar in appearance to goosebumps, are located on the back of your arms. The plot is very coarse sandpaper.
Bubbles can be seen also on the buttocks and thighs. Less commonly appear on the face and can be mistaken for acne. Individual bubbles are small and formed within the hair follicles. The condition is usually worse in winter and often disappears in summer.
   SYMPTOMS: the most common are: small, irregular Swelling of the skin over the top outside of the arm and thigh or elsewhere;Flesh-colored lesions the size of a grain of sand;Mild redness can be seen around some bubbles.
DIAGNOSIS: Thephysical examination is usually all it takes to the doctor to do diagnosis. Other tests are usually not necessary.
THERAPY: The moisturizing lotions and soothing properties often can help the appearance of the skin. Skin creams with drugs made from urea, lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Tretinoin or vitamin D may be recommended by your doctor. However, the improvement lasted months and often the bubbles can return.
PROGNOSIS: The Keratosis Pilaris can wear off slowly with age.


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