Chronic sleep

   If you have chronic sleep and eating disorders, it is entirely likely. But they may not appear, in time to take concrete steps to this.
First, we need humanity every day doing cool compresses to the eye. Swabs are worth making tea or an eye for an cucumber circles.
  Apply to the eye cream, which feeds on Thein. This cream makes the skin elastic.
Do some eye massage on a daily basis not less than 5 minutes. For massage take the hands cream, spread it at one's fingertips, but gentle movements to massage the arrows that also massage the area around the eyes.
   For refreshment person must apply a light plate and white drop shadow to the eye. Nametite on endogenous corner eyes bright shade and under the edge, to otvarennogo and look, but then good, feather.
To mask black circles under the eyes of a good use of konsilerom. For the procedure is 2 tone brighter concealer on a yellow color. Concealer is gentle, movements on territory under the eyes.


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