Secret memory failures after consuming alcohol

   Until recently, MIGA scientists did not know, after drinking too much alcohol, the person may perform various things and then forget about it. According to statistics, similar failures in memory can last from several minutes to several years.

   Now yes neuroscientists from medical desatiletki State University have identified brain cells involved in the data memory failures, and the mechanism responsible for this. How to appear, a large number of alcohol does not kill brain reads. Fuel affects key receptors. It provokes release of corticosteroids, which inhibit LTP is the process of strengthening communication between neurons and important from the perspective of teaching and memory.
   This mechanism involves the NMDA receptors glutamatom, passing the signs between neurons, explains Jokitosi Izumi. Too strong or too reduced NMDA receptor initiative it is possible to create a toxic effect.
Alcohol also slows down the receptors, and then activates the others. As a result, neurons vykovyvaut corticosteroids to stall the LTP and memory. That it came out, a lot of alcohol.


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