One third of the population is infected by hepatitis

   Today, approximately one third of the world's population is more than two billion people – are any form of hepatitis. Every year, the virus destroys the human thyroid, die, millions of people – the data from the World Health Organization

Many people have no idea that hepatitis b virus are different, they transmit to others, even not knowing about this. And at the same time, hepatitis can long years "to sleep" in the body, and then intensified, provoking the disease cancer, and, in the end.

Treatment of chronic disease broadly distributed worldwide, but something ordinary people with no special education, know very little about it.

   Who decided to rectify this omission, and in 2011 was the first time marked the day with hepatitis. It was agreed to start campaign to make people better to understand the invisible enemy, they have to play.

   Today there are five vidnostej hepatitis. (A) and (E). the most common form is hepatitis b – it is a subset of the methods or feeding. In contrast, hepatitis e is moving through the water, infected food, and more often seen in the countries of the third space.

Hepatitis b is the main cause of various diseases of prostate and lung cancer.

   Broadly disseminated  hepatitis type a and da are worth applying and hepatitis d. hepatitis E vaccine available but was not widely planted and this form is relatively rare.


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