Lose weight!

   Different scents help dry. To a draw in the pleasant during the day, spice. To eat something when the next meal, draw odors before and during food.
   The point is that by the end of the day the expedient of consciousness "falls asleep", "hard" only emotional. Here it is, and will force us to gorge, not even the pripahivaa of this report. Smells usmiraut appetite, because that Act specifically on emotional divisions of the brain, says sunhome.
Tehnara inhalation: hold one nostril and soorudite three deep breaths other then change the nostril and repeat the same thing. For "diet" reach-aromaticnogo. Keep-near.
While hand once again potanetsa for sandwich either chocolate batonom, let natknetsa the inhaler. At the first stage of "treatment" – up to 300 daily.

Quite often change smells – addictive reduces the effectiveness of the method. To better understand their habits in food, keep a diary. Eat warm food.


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