The fish is the elixir of life

   Many believe that the best way to get rid of hangover syndrome is the sauna or steam bath. Of course these procedures was sweating all over the surface of the skin, then displays the number of  decomposition products of ethanol. However, high temperature and humidity create stress on the heart, which is in this period.

   From a strong coffee with a hangover may become worse. Coffee by nature is a weak diuretic, this reinforces the dehydrated after taking alcohol.  Short invigorating coffee effect is useful for shallow hangover.

   Opinion of people who consume alcohol that the wedge must knock wedge. But malop?usij people usually aversion to all liquors. Abstaining from alcohol is already regularly pohmel?no-withdrawal syndrome, which is the primary symptom of alcoholism. Such, indeed, to feel better, a new dose of alcohol.

The optimal method to remove the phenomenon of hangover is to drink packaging activated carbon, and fifteen minutes, drink a glass of fresh brine . You can just eat salted cucumber.


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