Treatment of gastric ulcers

   The disease is usually chronic, which violates the integrity of the internal walls of the stomach and produce lesions defects.

Reason: heredity, gross violations, abuse and salty food, alcohol, smoking, stress.

Several recipes from stomach ulcer:
-to reduce acidity 2 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal to drink 0.5 cup boiled potato juice
-no restrictions you can drink goat's milk
-helps broth from blooms of Calendula, Chamomile,  kiprea and repeska: take 2 article l. This collection, fill two glasses of boiled water, insist, strain and drink 3 times per day after meals
-even when running for, if 3 times a day

-chop the green pine cones, pour vodka 1: 3, insist 7 days and drink for 1 l. 3 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal
-useful to drink juices: beets, carrots, red cabbage, Aloe, adding to them more honey and Cahors
-gastric bleeding for 1 dessert oak, and salad fill 2 glasses of boiled water, insist and drink per day


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