How to improve immunity without drugs

How to improve immunity without drugs?

   All we once heard about drugs that raise the immunity of yogurt with the same properties, such as juices and other products. Talking about it on television, in advertising on the Internet, we recommend to doctors. It would seem that easier, take on tablet per day or per week during the influenza epidemic, and immunity. And as it is a shame, when spending a considerable amount of money on immunomodulators, we, at the first meeting with the disease. Idle work force, we spend a day on antibiotics or antiviral.
Now, every year, the virus becomes more aggressive, illness is heavier, gives a lot of complications. So why don't operate expensive medication to induce immunity? There can be several reasons. Maybe the drug purchase of counterfeit products: no one is immune. Can manufacturers Boggle, giving us the statistics of miraculous influence of the drug.

   Has long been clear, for example, that the vitamins from the pharmacy is worse than the same vitamins from fruits, berries or meat.
Immunity also. There are many natural ways to raise immune system effectively. To do this, just need to understand that such immunity and how best to help him.
Immunity – this is a natural internal protection of our organism from various alien Tel: viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins.

   Nature is planned that certain mechanisms in our body must record the appearance of the harmful and attack them, destroy. Immunity also struggles with cancer cells that appear frequently in our body. He simply kills.
The organs of the immune system include lymph nodes, tonsils, marrow, selezenku, intestines, certain blood cells.
Unfortunately, it often so happens that the mechanisms of immunity declines fail to find during the alien agents and neutralize them.
From which the immunity is weakened?

   The modern rhythm of life risk exists everywhere. This stress and unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol), bad ecology, hypothermia, severe stress, eating disorders, are not regenerating spent the day energy and vitamins. As well as antibiotics.
Weakened defenses and after any disease, including chronic.

What to do?
Let's start with the obvious. It should be possible to reduce consumption of harmful substances: excess drugs, nicotine, alcohol, artificial food dyes and other additives.

   A workout, even a 5-minute charging each morning during the month will give a positive effect. More go, there is the possibility to take over the city, a breath of fresh air.
And, of course, eat properly. This decision by almost all the problems. The body simply needed nutrients: proteins, vitamins, amino acids, mineral substances and fats. Total fat – this is your first step to disease. For the normal work of the organs of enough and 10-15 grams per day.
Be sure to eat protein: it is necessary for the production of immunoglobulin organism – important
elements of immunity. The protein contains all essential amino acids for us. This is not only vegetable protein (cabbage, broccoli, beans) and animal (meat, milk).

   Drink a day for at least 1 glass of kefir, fermented baked milk, yoghurt soup or yoghurt (natural). Dyes and preservatives are useful for immune cells. The use of fermented milk products will help you to create useful microflora, which would enhance immunity.
Eat products containing phytoncides: onions, garlic, horseradish, black currants, blueberries, tomato. Phytoncides (or vegetable antibiotics) kill microbes, fungi, bacteria, stimulate the immune system.
Eat more foods containing vitamin c. recently went to fashion during sickness to drink in large doses of vitamin c. doctors claim that this is not worth it, because with no cures from the flu. This is so. But vitamin c strengthens immunity: increases development of antibodies and interferon, protects blood vessels during sickness. So he indirectly helps with disease. It is found in citrus fruit, kiwifruit, bananas, pickled cabbage, ukrope, petruske, broth rose ...
Do not avoid attention vitamin a. one of its functions is to improve the work cell-phagocytes. Enough to eat during the week of the liver, in which vitamin a lot.

   In addition you in support of camomile tea. It has long been used in the pereohlazdeniah, with the disease. It is a powerful  immunomodulatorom. Drink it in the cold periods and during colds.
The last thing I want to suggest is hardening. Experienced people have much less frequently and disease runs from them easily. Locate the program quenching suitable for you, talk with your doctor. Start with reduced temperature.


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