Sunflower oil

   Convinced of the beneficial sunflower oil no need, you can cook at home, moreover, ways to mass. I like the two of them, which I take.
The first method: pour the oil cake seed of sea-buckthorn berries (raw materials previously dry in a light spot, grind-skip through the meat grinder) so that the oil covers the raw materials. Be kept at room temperature, stirring, for three weeks; then, butter scedit?, pour him a new batch of raw material, repeat this procedure for 3-4 times.
   The second way: raw pour sunflower oil, heated up to 600, 1: 10. Blend keep on a water bath for 30 minutes, filter. This same portion butter cumulatively have 3-4 servings of raw materials.
Time-consuming? But not in vain, that increased oil promotes healing of long not healing wounds, an inflammation of the mucous tissues, flegmone, abscesse.


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