Jellyfish sting: urine is not effective, better water and vinegar

   Especially in recent times our beaches are jellyfish invaded by, so it is easy to be points.
For years now, it is known that if you do not have the right medicines against the stings of jellyfish you can safely to urine riccorere, considered a good natural remedy and handy as possible obviously. Certainly in these cases the embarrassment should be put aside, because what counts primarily is to soothe the pain caused by the poison that the medusa releases.
   A study by British Red Cross, the British Red Cross, however, has denied this saying that urine, in these cases, it doesn't solve a damn thing.
  Conversely, however, as reported by the "Daily Telegraph", the best solutions, if you do not have at that moment special medicines, are the seawatervinegar.
So, when a person gets stung by a jellyfish, must first get out of the water to avoid getting bit again. Once outside, you should pour slowly the seawater on puncture to relieve pain, then you have to do the same thing with vinegar, which can be even more effective as the acid helps to neutralise the sting of medusa.


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