Schizophrenia, positive results from an antitumor drug

   The schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder whose etiology is still not known, experts believe there is together a of environmental and genetic factors that contribute to the development of this disease.
Increasingly 's start to understand the mechanisms and find more specific and effective treatments, and obtained a positive result appears for now on laboratory rats, administering an anticancer drug called MS-275, within the framework of a study conducted by King's College London.
In patients with schizophrenia there is a deficit p35 enzyme, as explained by Peter Giese Research Coordinator. The exact function of this enzyme underliesactivation of protein Cdk5 important for brain development. Therefore a sufficient amount of p35 not does not allow that this chain is properly and, therefore brain , does not develop as it should.
   It seems that the molecule MS-275 in mice has improved the signs of schizophrenia because acts same along the via biochemical enzyme p35. According to Peter Giese results i obtained from the study, published in the journal Brain: "Encourages the exploration future of these types of drugs in the treatment of cognitive disorders in schizophrenia".


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