Multiple sclerosis: only 9% have access to new treatments

   The numbers are clear, speak of a reality by reviewing, unjust. In Italy 61mila are those affected by Sclerosis, each year 1,800 new cases are registered, with an average of a new diagnosis every four hours.
The news of recent days about the treatment of multiple sclerosis have therefore represented a new hope for patients in our country, for which already there are therapies that delay the progression of the disease and disability.
But who really has access to these treatments? If there has been talk in Rome during a Conference "sustainable access to innovation: a comparison on multiple sclerosis", wanted by the Health and Health Observatory, with patronage of the Ministry of health, the Italian multiple sclerosis Association and the Italian society of Neurology.
Data emerged from the Convention are many. Starting from categories of patients: especially young people, with the condition that represents one of the main causes of neurological disability among young people of 20-30 years.
   "Today-explained Carlo Pozzilli, Professor of Neurology at the University of Rome La Sapienza-can we intervene when the person is still good, thanks to considerable progress in therapeutic in recent years. If in the years ' 80-continues – about 70% of people with multiple sclerosis was disabled within seven years, now the percentage has decreased thanks to treatment and early diagnosis ".
Problems, as mentioned, there are however in access to new treatments, where "there are still differences from region to region." Underline is Frederick Spandonaro, Professor of health economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.
   According to the numbers, only 9% patients have access to new treatments. A widespread problem, therefore, that should be resolved as soon as possible: everyone must have access, the right way, to new cures.


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