Psychology, climate change affects people

   Brokerage? Exists and is more rooted in humankind than we expect.  Climate change impact substantially on psychological balance . It's no a reality black mass on white from a study published in the journal of the American Psychologist and conducted by doctors Thomas Doherty and Susan Clayton.
The two luminaries have undertaken the analysis of human behavior in relation to the great weather disasters and the impact that climate changes have on the human psyche. Both direct, and then after some upheaval, both indirectly, linked to fear and anxiety.
   Researchers, respectively, of the Department of Counseling Psychology and the Department of Psychology of the College of Wooster, in the United States, have noted the strong incidence of depressive reactions and post traumatic stress disorder, especially in those populations to their geographical position has always been subject to atmospheric phenomena of some significance.  Not only that, comparing data on violence in the United States and those on global warming and its increase, it was noted that such an increase in temperature is one of and aggressively thanks.
Explain the two:
There is a causal relationship between the heat the violent behavior, and any increase in the average global temperature could be accompanied by an increase in the number of violent assaults. The forecasts allow you to instruct about 24,000 assaults or homicides in the United States, each year, for every increase of two degrees Fahrenheit the average temperature.
   This is a true concentric circle of cause and effect, seen also for what concerns the "indirect effects". Increasingly people worldwide are affected by what is termed "eco anxiety", which is a strong sense of unease towards the environment and what may be its future. A non-negative factor if it leads to greater protection of the environment, but that becomes a true pathology if unleashes hysterical and phobias.


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