Unsuspecting symptoms of cardiovascular disease

   The heart, when get sick begins to hardly warn clearly and decided. But there are a number of symptoms unsuspected ranging communicated its physician, although seem to depend on anything other diseases. Discover a cardiovascular disease for time, can mean his life: just think of the stroke. In our daily thinking, sharp attack comes with a chest pain radiating to the left shoulder and arm.
And so, but this is only one symptoms of the body, there are in fact send other appearing in previous periods infarction to itself and it is on these that we need to reflect. What are? First of all the stomach related to a constant nausea sense. Often stress the daily and the poor diet cause to think that gastritis (this should not be underestimated). But if these extremes there are and there gastro-intestinal diseases diagnosed, this may be a signal that comes from the heart shabby: fats that arteries obstructed could block the normal blood flow abdominal level; If it with rest and relaxing the stomach pain and nausea subsides, you should do some in-depth cardiology.
   For men, however, also sexual defiance could represent a major skirmish, one of the earliest symptoms: heart problems do not allow the correct blood supply to penis which involves deficiency erection.  Also the lack of wind,affann or the and dizziness can be a symptom of heart: more than 40% of women who had myocardial a it suffered, while not suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases. Even in the case of angina pectoris you have these symptoms. Even more unsuspecting instead the neck pain, the earaches and jaw: If there are no obvious causes to these disorders, it may depend on the heart, the alarm signal is a pain in these areas. There is no need to obviously be alarmed Vertigo at first, but it is certain that a visit cardiological there will hurt!


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