Radiotherapy, the latest news

   Oncology also is following the progress of medicine in General: focus efforts to achieve a more personalised medicine. And on that assumption radiotherapy also is changing, increasingly precise and diventatando. That is designed for "cancer" in that "the patient", so as to "sculpt" the dose of radiation therapy to the needs and the patient's resistance to the affected organ circoscrivendola perfectly.
There are those who compares the modern sculptors: radiation oncologists in this comparison not and strays too far from reality. Also because the instrumentation than what could be the pioneering cobalt therapy are significantly improved in terms of accuracy and many machines are able to not only recognize anatomy the tumor, but also to estimate the density, giving way to release the right dose of radio therapy based on its consistency.
   Not only at the moment is a type of radiation therapy can be combined with the new drugs "to molecular target" to make it even more effective interventions. To slow down so the research costs, as well as inspiration at last, the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.  Despite this progress in that direction. Comments the President of Estrus Jean Bouhris:
The radiation oncology will be at the forefront in the treatment of cancer.
  An example, the need to introduce a "fourth dimension", i.e. its movement. Is taken for example lung cancer in which the tumor, although imperceptibly changing position with the breath.  How to cure it without damaging the surrounding tissues? Explains Dr. Guido Baroni del Politecnico di Milano.
There are basically two ways. The first involves the ignition of the radiation beam when the lesion is in a certain position: it is called respiratory gating. In practice, I turn on and turn off the beam of radiation depending on where it is located at a precise moment the tumor. The second is the technique of tracking: I'm always on the RADIUS, but the edit so that it is him to chase the cancer.
   And though few in the world, are existing machines able to do that: a you own in Milan. Speaking of radiotherapy, to Congress, but a new (old) imperative: to restrict the effects of radiation.


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