Secondhand smoke: sick children most at risk of bronchiolitis

   Just the other day, in a previous article, we were talking about the risks that may result in the smoke who, according to a latest research, can even cause hearing problems, especially in children (see article).
And now here is another discovery that once again shows how secondhand smoke hurts, especially in children.
   Research conducted by University of Liverpool has shown that passive smoking can aggravate infections in children with bronchiolitis from, respiratory infection that usually affects infants and children under two years.
   Children hospitalized for bronchiolitis, who have one or more parents in the home who smoke are twice as likely to be subject to the need of oxygen, and five times more than you need mechanical ventilation (respirators), than children whose parents do not smoke.
Moreover, studies have found that is especially during the winter children susceptible to this disease may suffer more complications, the complicity of cold, want to breathe polluted air in the House.
Scholars have explained that once were confirmed the negative effects of smoking, which, in this specific case, is one of the main defendants the aggravation of the symptoms of bronchiolitis.


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