Smoking cigarettes almost banned in New Zealand

   Ban almost cigarettes total in New Zealand. The country of the southern hemisphere has decided to put a stop to tobacco products and expects to make illegal the sale of cigarettes and related by 2025. A first step has been made with the approval, a few days ago, one of laws antifiumo tougher. All product related somehow to tobacco will disappear, in fact, from the shelves.
Not only that, the advertising of the same will be prohibited, and the sale to minors will be punished with fines really unforgettable. The goal to reach, for the Ministry of health New Zealand is to arrive early for a law that establishes the definitive ban.
   Meanwhile, approved a few days ago is passed with the consent of most of the State Parliament. For the Minister Tariana Tura this is only the first step in a path that provides even more drastic actions. A way to give a clear signal to the tobacco industry. In an ideal world the tobacco is not a product to sell.
A very tough one drawn from the Ministry that provides for stringent actions. But what saith the "Smoke-free Environments Amendment Bill" adopted last Thursday? And ' soon said the complete disappearance from the shelves of shops linked to tobacco products. Resellers will be forced to sell everything behind the bar, without the products being put on display. People should no longer get to buy the milk or the newspaper and to be constantly confronted with shelves full of cigarettes.
   Stiff fines, as anticipated, for those who sell cigarettes to minors and for those who buy: 6000 euros for merchants and up to 4000 euro for anyone who is surprised to purchase a package. They also vending machines. Although New Zealand is always protagonist of strong anti-smoking campaigns, who saw the smoking ban also in prisons, there are rumours to the contrary. Penny Webster, Deputy Mayor of Aucland, the largest city in the country, whether it will soon be banned even consensual sex between adults in the bedroom.


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