Too much work, to suffer is the heart

   Overtime in the Office hours for employees, "thrilling" for freelancers. And so the working hours stretching, lasts until late at night. The rest is not enough, the pay is not adequate, the satisfaction drops while the discontent grows. To suffer is the heart.
And there are external factors such as salary or problems at work. It's a given physiological: working too increases cardiovascularrisk, independently from all other elements of danger already known from cholesterol to high blood pressure.
   This is revealed by a study published in the pages of the Annals of Internal Medicine, conducted by a group of Finnish researchers of the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Helsinki in Finland, in collaboration with colleagues from University College London.
Doctors have done tests and analysis on over 7,000 volunteersLondoners, all employees, keeping them out for over a decade and, therefore, to discover if their hours worked every day were related in any way with the cardiovascular risk. All this, relying also Framingham Heart Risk Score, which typically is used to assess the probability of getting a cardiovascular event in the next ten years.
Excluding those working part-time, and who had had heart problems, the researchers found low/moderate risk of patients upon entry into the study.
"54 percent of participants working from seven to eight hours per day; for the 10 percent the working day is extended over 11 hours – explain the researchers – we followed these subjects in media for over 12 years, recording 192 cardiovascular events. Therefore, we have evaluated whether there were manifested above all in those who worked more ".
   What comes out is that those who work every day for at least 10 hours, has a chance of 45 percent of getting heart attacks and strokes. The probability rises to 67% in those who continue beyond 11 hours.
"The increased probability of events is not excessive-says Mika Kivimaki, an epidemiologist at the University College London – we do not know if overtime is only a marker of risk, or become a real cause cardiovascular problems; However, in these times of economic crisis and major difficulties at work, it is important to consider that exaggerate with the hours spent in the Office can create stress and negative consequences for the health of the heart and blood vessels ".
to Matthew Aldamonte


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