Violations of children's teeth

  Violations of children's teeth are abnormal in their number, shape, size and position. Abnormal number of teeth are in partial or complete absence of teeth. If there is a certain group of teeth (for example, side cutters), and the situation of other teeth. There are spaces between teeth and dental anomalies is a bite. They reshape all or part of the tooth (teeth), children can be seen when the teeth (usually click the incisors) teeth size anomalies. as you can see around the tooth or any part thereof (crowns). The Crown can be disproportionately large or small. Dental anomalies usually occurs at an early age (in prikuse dairy). Most often, the situation can be found outside of the tooth (tooth is inclined in the direction of the tongue or cheeks). Pathology of the teeth. The most frequent cause of pathology prorezyvania permanent teeth are the teeth of milk. Inflammatory process in periodonte milk teeth could jump from an embryo of a permanent tooth that could lead to his death and the lack of permanent teeth. With bad teeth hurt the baby sleeps, kapriznicaet, refusing food, affecting global development. Monitor the health of the child and in time vylecivaa milk teeth, you can prevent the development of pathology and prorezyvania of permanent teeth. According to statistics, only 58% of children in one form or another are exposed to various abnormalities of the teeth. To align the teeth usually use brackets, they are worn with 12 years of age and sometimes change, and soon. During this period children already are completely pomenatsa milk teeth should always remember and teach their children that hygiene and dental prophylaxis, two fundamental conditions, preventing the most serious diseases of the oral cavity, such as dental caries and parodontit.


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