Seizures in children

   Epileptic fit in a child's inadvertent reduction in muscle, sometimes accompanied by temporary loss of consciousness, dezorentaciej. Convulsions usually do not endanger the child. In children most often associated with seizures, high temperatures, especially in the age of three years, more rarely, to six and later. Usually ends within five minutes and is without prejudice to the further development of the child. The causes of Neonatal seizures, sometimes, can be heavy for infectious diseases, epilepsy, intoxication.
Normal, sudoroznomu pripadku symptoms: blue face and lips, uncontrolled podergivania body or its momentary freezing in situation naprazennom, loss of control and difekacii of urination, nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation, palpitations, headache, neck stiffness, loss of consciousness.
   What should I consider when sudoroznom form the child: how a child behaves before and after the seizures, how long does it last convulsions, had a cramp in his captured one side of the body, or both, if the temperature of the body. This information will help the doctor when the correct diagnosis.
In a fit of sudoroznom remove the surrounding objects, where a kid can ball during fit gently holding him loosen clothing. Make sure the airway. If there is no breathing, do isskustvennoe breath. Rotate the baby's head on the side that would hit the mass vomitata of Airways. Do not put in the mouth of the fingers of a child, not vlivajte anything, including medicines. Clean the body with a damp cloth, but do not carry over to the bathroom. Remember, in the case of a convulsive seizures, convulsions, the child must apply to the doctor!


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