Why not give aspirin to children?

   You've probably already heard that doctors do not give aspirin to children because it can cause a syndrome of Reyes. However, there are still many people who not only neznaut Reyes syndrome, but also harm imagine such as aspirin and what to do with it. Reyes syndrome and is quite rare in itself is not contagious. Reyes syndrome usually occurs when the virus disease of children give medications containing acetylsalicyclic acid.  Although you can take the syndrome Reyes at any time of year, usually in January, February and March-when people are fighting against the flu, colds and varicella. Reyes syndrome affects mostly children aged 4 to 12 years and very few adults or infants researchers identified a link between Reyes syndrome aspirin. Modern medicine recommends that parents give children under 12 years of aspirin or other medicines that contain aspirin. In this case, you should replace the aspirin, ibuprofen, or other paracetamolom and zaroponizausimi drugs. Storage of aspirin in the reach of children and other medicines will help to avoid the big trouble with the first of Reyes syndrome usually vomit, which starts from three to seven days after the onset of child viral diseases such as chickenpox or influenza. Vomiting usually increases during the next 8-12 hours. The child may appear weak and very sleepy. Signs that your child needs immediate medical attention in the second phase, children can be aggressive and whimsical. Dezorentacia you can, for example, children may not understand where they are. Quite possible convulsions or even coma. If your child has any of these signs, call an ambulance immediately. When Reyes syndrome, a fat starts to accumulate in the liver (and elsewhere) and is excessive pressure on the brain. As Reyes syndrome might be taken wrongly, similar to the symptoms of the disease, can lose valuable time for treatment. If Reyes syndrome is early, the child is much more likely to get well. If the disease is not defined and progresses, urgent treatment, even if the probability of death is very high. Rapid diagnosis and treatment are key to the next recovery of your child. But mostly, all of the above can be avoided, unless you give aspirin to children.


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