The stages of life: to live fully or give in to them?

   Life is characterized by several stages, each of which is wonderful if read and enjoyed in its salient features.
Often, instead, the man tends to lose its mind having the look or always turned to the past or excessively oriented towards the future: it is as if we were always looking for something that can't be found! Probably because seek the wrong thing: passed or to come!
In this way, we miss the life!
   Each individual must instead be immersed in this: is the thing that does best on infant and perhaps it is for this reason that this little guy scares the adult, so accustomed to getting escape the moment!
And so young adults find themselves overly projected into a future work or family often too distant and far, or perhaps retired women and men anchored to a past too sure but most often outdated and useless!
In these circumstances it is useful and recommended that every person will stand, face a self-reflection and rebuilds his life: that is a present from the child or one from senior is still a gift to be lived with enthusiasm and momentum, with projects and fun, with critical and commitment!


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