What you need to know about uterine miome

   As a result of several studies conducted by scientists from the United States was discovered the relationship between smoking and blood sugar level. Turned out that nicotine is the main culprit and otvetstvennoym for the increased level of blood sugar. By the same people already suffering from diabetes, smoking increased the risk of severe complications. Scientists believe that this discovery also said about the negative consequences for people with diabetes, using nicotine-substitution therapy for a long period in an attempt to quit smoking-it's a very important study. This is the first study that has found a strong link between nicotine and complications of diabetes. If you're a smoker, and have diabetes, you should be zainteresovanymi and do everything possible to quit smoking, "said head of research, Dr. Xiao Quan Liu. want to once again recall the content of hemoglobin in blood glikozilirovannogo HbA1s in norm: 4-7.6% of the total hemoglobin. Doctors, however, has long been known that smoking increases the risk of developing complications of diabetes. Studies also show that smokers with diabetes have a higher level of HbA1c than non-diabetics. However, until now nobody knew that the substance in tobacco smoke is responsible for raising the level of HbA1c. Liu and his colleagues suspected that this might be the nicotine and tested the effects of nicotine on HbA1c. Using human blood samples, they proved that the nicotine concentration similar to that found in blood of smokers actually increases the level of HbA1c.


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